A Dutch Oven Is The Secret To Perfectly Sauced Pasta Every Time

Dutch ovens are a great investment piece of cookware if you love the convenience of a hearty one-pot pasta meal. The versatile kitchen tool is your secret to creating perfectly sauced and easy pasta dinners. Dutch ovens can be used to boil, simmer, sauté, and as a bonus, most Dutch ovens are easy to clean due to their enameled cast iron.

The Dutch Oven has excellent heat retention due to the cast iron material, this allows for easier control of what you're cooking and ensures even cooking time for ingredients in the pot. Whether you prefer tomato-based red sauces or cream-based sauces, meat, or veggies, the Dutch oven is compatible with almost all types of pasta. You can even bake your pasta in the Dutch oven, making it an excellent go-to tool for all your favorite pasta dish classics. Creating elegant, robust sauces is one of the best ways to use your Dutch oven, and there are a few tips to follow to get optimal results.

How to get the most from your Dutch oven pasta

If you are cooking your pasta separately from your sauce, take it out a minute or two before the pasta hits al dente. You can then finish cooking your pasta in the sauce to really combine the two. Another way to optimize your dishes is to be mindful of the order you add ingredients. 

After cooking your pasta, if you are planning on making a meat sauce, you'll want to brown the meat in the pot first. This caramelizes the surface of the meat, creating a delicious base for the rest of your slow-cooked sauce. After the meat, add the aromatics, such as onion, garlic, and spices. If you aren't toasting your spices before adding the liquid to your sauce you miss out on developing their full flavor potential. After adding all the sauce ingredients, turn the temperature down.

The key to developing more complex flavors in your sauce is to cook it low and slow. This means cooking at a lower temperature for a longer amount of time. When cooking low and slow, the ingredients become immersed in your sauce. The even heat dispersion of the Dutch oven ensures your sauce won't burn when cooking for longer periods of time. You can leave your sauce to cook while you do other tasks around the house and come back to a perfectly cooked meal. All you have to do is stir in the pasta and you'll be ready to eat.