The Type Of Beer You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With well over 100 styles of beer around the world, it can be a bit challenging to know what to order when you're out — and that's especially true if you're not much of a beer drinker in the first place. Rest assured, whether you're an experienced beer drinker with some qualifications under your belt (professionally recognized or not) or a novice to the pint life, no matter where you are, there's a beer out there for you. Consider this your guide when you've grown bored of your go-to pour and are ready for something new or when you're just beginning your beer-drinking journey.

Zodiac signs and beer aren't necessarily related, and I can't say I've ever overheard any discussions about retrograde season or new moon manifestations at my local brewery. But the good news is, you don't have to know anything about astrology to enjoy a cold glass of beer — or vice versa. Truthfully, your zodiac sign is just the beginning of understanding what makes you, you. Similarly, the beer for your zodiac sign is your embarkment on the refreshing, personalized journey that is the trend of craft beers. One day, you'll be ordering beer like a total pro.


Aries begins the astrological calendar off on a fiery note — no, really, these fire signs are represented by the ram, and they're not one to stand in the way of. However, if you can get around to their good side, these signs are upbeat and fun people that live their lives to the fullest. These signs tend to inherit a sort of blind optimism that, while impulsive, can feel refreshing for those of us who struggle to make decisions and/or ruminate in "what if" scenarios.

As you can imagine, the Aries style of approaching situations can sometimes result in some hard-learned lessons. But never fear — they always end up on top. These signs love to be No. 1, and their passion, confidence, and motivation often get them there. Considering that, it's only right that the Aries' beer be the type that, even in the face of doubt, keeps coming out on top: The American lager. With big names like Bud Light, Coors Light, and Budweiser in this style's corner, it's no surprise that it's America's favorite beer.

American lagers might not be considered the most sophisticated type of beer on the menu, but man, do they make for good drinking. Lagers are known for being clean and crisp with bold aromas and a nice warm hue. The lager's popularity means it's as commonly found in gas stations as it is in craft breweries. So no matter where you go, you'll have your pick.


Next on the astrological calendar comes the Taurus. As the first Earth sign of the zodiac, this sign carries an appreciation for all things serene. Bucolic environments, soft nature sounds, and soothing aromas are what they're all about. But, that doesn't mean they're opposed to getting their hands dirty. These signs know the value of hard work — however, it's their understanding of rest as a necessity that gives them the upper hand in their work and relationships. These signs can play the long game better than anyone, and they'll be as consistent as they were from the start through to the very end.

Tauruses value stability and dependability in all areas of their lives, and while some may argue that their dedication borders on stubbornness, you can always count on a Taurus to show up — whether they be a friend, colleague, or romantic partner. No matter the situation, Taurus brings a level-headed, cool-calm-and-collected perspective that all of us could use a little more of. Much like a sip of cold beer, Taurus has a unique way of consulting others back down to Earth. Dependable, consistent, and a bit luxurious, there's only one type of beer a Taurus could be: A pilsner. These beers are hoppy and carbonated yet easy to sip. They offer it all, and as one of the most popular types of beers, you'll be able to order one just about anywhere.


Of all the signs on the astrological calendar, none have quite the reputation of the Gemini. These signs are incredibly social and often have a childlike curiosity for the world. This combination of traits typically tends to manifest in a wide range of hobbies and packed social calendars — as well as an unfair accusation of being two-faced. Represented by twins or two masks, it's understandable why people may have this idea, but the truth is that Geminis simply have so many friends and so many interests that they wish they could be in two places at once. Hence, the need for a clone. Can you honestly blame them?

But, like any other of the zodiacs, these signs aren't 100% innocent. This sign's fun, child-like charm can border on the line between immaturity. Similarly, their bouncing curiosity and short attention spans come off as unreliable. Just like this zodiac sign's Starbucks drink, Geminis are the sour patch kids of the zodiac — they're a whole lot of fun to be around until they're not. So it only makes sense that the type of beer they are be a sour ale. The brewing process of these beers gives them a tart flavor that some people embrace and some don't. However, they're also commonly blended with fruit flavors to balance it out. Like a Gemini, sour ales have an acquired taste, but a bit of fruitiness goes a long way. Just don't expect the same from your Gemini friends.


Cancers are represented by the crab — and for good reason. These signs might seem distant or even cold on the outside. But, at least in their minds, that's only for their own good. Cancers are deeply emotional and intuitive, so much so that it can be their own fault. They're incredibly sensitive to their surrounding environments, and their empathic nature means that they often adopt the feelings of others. For this reason, Cancers protect their peace by keeping a safe distance from others. Their walls are often built because of past experiences — either they've been wronged by someone in the past or are aware that if they give too much of themselves to others, they'll lose themselves.

This also explains why most Cancers are such homebodies. Rather than exposing themselves to the emotional rollercoaster that comes with socializing — Cancers are incredibly loyal, and they're all or nothing in their relationships — they'd rather bask in the comfort of their own energy. You'll find that Cancers put a lot of effort into their personal spaces so that they bring them peace, but they also find a lot of comfort in food as well. Beer may not be considered a comfort food to everyone, but there is one type in particular that Cancers would revel in. Pastry stouts, which include ingredients like chocolate cake, pie, candy, or fruit purées, are right up their alley, and if the Cancer were to be any type of beer, that'd be it.


Leo's are the astrological calendar's peak summertime babies, and it shows. These signs love to be in the limelight and are all about living their lives to the fullest. Fittingly, they're also represented by the sun. So it only makes sense that the type of beer they are goes perfectly when served on a hot summer day — preferably by the pool, on the beach, on a boat, or even sitting in your backyard with your feet up on the blow-up pool you got for your dog. No matter where it is, Leo season is all about soaking in all of the good of summer, and while I personally wouldn't turn down any type of cold beer on a hot, sunny day, the beer you should reach for is easily a New England Style IPA.

New England Style IPAs are often described as "juicy," and even though some are brewed with fruit purée, they don't actually contain any juice. Like the West Coast and American varieties of IPAs, this type of beer utilizes hops, a plant related to the marijuana family. Instead of adding it during the boiling process, it's added in the fermentation process. The slight change is said to cut the bitterness that's commonly attributed to "hoppy" beers and give New England Style IPAs their signature fruity aromas. Brewers tend to play on this by infusing tropical fruit flavors like mango, passionfruit, guava, or orange, which only makes this beer the ideal pick for any summer outing.


Everybody knows that Virgos handle business — and if you don't, just ask your most organized and productive friend their sign, and it will make sense. Virgos have a real knack for getting things done, and they take joy in knowing that their tasks are contributing to something greater than themselves. Not only do they know how their way around a to-do list, but their perfectionist mindset means that when they're crossing things off of it at the end of the day, they won't be going back.

Represented by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, it only makes sense that the type of beer for Virgos be made with wheat rather than the types of barley that are used in other types of beer. This Earth sign is ruled by the digestive system, and, just like their appreciation for taking small steps that lead to larger outcomes, they're especially attuned to the ingredients that make up a finished dish or beverage. In the case of wheat beers, that includes a whole lot of wheat to give them a nice body and flavor — so that's what they are.

Just like a Virgo, wheat beers are consistent — but that by no means makes them boring. When you get Virgos to break away from their perfectionist-obsessed tendencies, they're able to embrace what makes them unique. You can say the same about wheat beers, which you'll be surprised to find have hidden flavors of banana, clove, bubblegum, and more, depending on the brew.


Libras are said to be the aesthetes of the zodiac, and they have the exquisite taste to prove it. These signs have a special eye for symmetry, and while it is something they strive for in every aspect of their lives, it's most present in the areas where they can control it — which explains why they make such talented decorators, designers, and art critics. It's no surprise that these signs are represented by a balanced scale, and it should come as no surprise that the type of beer for them, the pale ale, is balanced, too.

Pale ales tend to be lower in hops and ABV compared to IPAs — that is unless they're an IPA style of pale ale — giving them a much more balanced malt flavor. They're characterized by a biscuit-like flavor, and while they're still considered medium-bodied and fall more on the robust side, they're not overly bitter, which is something a lot of other hoppy beers can't claim. Still, that doesn't make them better than any other beer on the menu; it's only a taste preference, and I'm sure Libras will be able to relate to that sentiment.


Dark, inquisitive, and utterly mysterious, Scorpios have quite the reputation. Like the Gemini, not everybody agrees with these signs. However, the difference lies in the fact that Scorpios prefer it that way. In fact, it's more than likely intentional. These signs would rather those who can't handle their intensity stay far away from them. If you do manage to get through their walls, you'll find that Scorpios are incredibly emotional, loyal, and passionate people. But until they feel like they can trust you, don't expect to see any sign of that type of vulnerability. They won't lie to you per se, but they will hide certain parts of themselves until they feel safe to do so.

The Scorpio's dark mystery either draws you in or scares you away — there's really no in-between. In a lot of ways, they're like a stout: Dark, deep, intense, and, if you're not prepared for it, surprisingly strong. Stouts are brewed with roasted barley that, depending on how they're aged, impart various wood notes along with chocolate or coffee flavors. But, if Scorpios were any type of stout specifically, they'd be a chocolate stout, which, with the use of mocha flavors, can exhibit both chocolate and coffee flavor notes. Not only does the addition of chocolate deepen the color from the dark roasted malts, but, just like in this zodiac sign's Ina Garten dish, it's also intensified by the addition of coffee.


Sagittariuses are known for their larger-than-life spirits. These signs don't believe anything is impossible — they want it all, and their aspirations often go beyond what others would even dream of. They're passionate and curious, with bold personalities to match. But they're also particularly adaptable, meaning they embrace the changes and challenges that come along with chasing their dreams. This also means that they're flexible when things don't go to plan and have an incredible ability to remain optimistic in situations of uncertainty. Fortunately for them, they also happen to be the luckiest sign of the zodiac. So even if their unboundedness may seem nonsensical, it tends to work out for them.

All of this goes to say that Sagittarius is the ultimate travel buddy. Not only do these signs display a healthy amount of wanderlust on their own, but they know how to make the most out of a group trip, planned or not. They have a unique ability to live in the moment without worrying about the stressors of yesterday or the unknowingness of tomorrow. In fact, mentally, they're on vacay mode every day — and nothing says vacation like an ice-cold Mexican lager. Brewed with maize and served with a fresh lime wedge, in your chavelas (Mexican beer cocktails) or in your Micheladas, all it takes is one sip, and you're back in Cabo with your friends. Whether enjoyed on vacation or at home, a Mexican lager will encourage you to embrace life like you would on holiday.


There's a reason Capricorns are associated with knees — these signs were born to climb, figuratively, of course. Capricorns are determined, persistent, and headstrong. It's no secret that, when it comes to their goals, nothing can stand in their way. Like the sea goat that they're represented by, Capricorns will climb mountains to get to where they want, and even in the face of adversity, the big picture is always at the front of their minds. These signs don't entertain petty drama, and to put it bluntly, if it's not relevant to their long-term goals, it's a distraction. With that being said, it probably comes as no surprise that Capricorns are often accused of being "workaholics."

But Capricorns aren't all about work. In fact, if you can get them away from their desks or catch them on their day off, they can party like the best of them. This becomes even more prevalent as they get older, oddly enough. Capricorns tend to age backward; it's as if the more settled they become in their careers and achievements, the more they allow themselves to let go and have fun. That's where the beer comes in — and if the Capricorn were any one of them, they'd be a double IPA. That is, double the IBU and double the ABV of your traditional IPA because, with all that work they put in, Capricorns don't just deserve it; they probably need it.


Despite what their name suggests, Aquariuses aren't water signs — they're air signs. Just like other air signs, Gemini and Libra, Aquarius thrive in social settings. But, where they're different is that they don't particularly enjoy them. They have all the wit and charm to spark up conversations with strangers; they just don't want to. The thing is that they hate small talk. They also hate any sense of conforming to society's expectations; in fact, they're dedicated to changing them. Luckily for the rest of us, they're the humanitarians of the zodiac, it's usually for the better.

Considering that, the type of beer for Aquariuses will either have to defy some rules or make its own. For that reason, they could only be a gose – which is a wheat ale intentionally brewed with salt. Unlike other wheat ales, which are moderately sweet, the addition of salt gives a unique savory flavor. From there, brewers get even more experimental by adding coriander (not cilantro) and utilizing a bit of lacto-fermentation. This results in a citrusy sour flavor that's unlike any other beer you'll find on the menu. Goses have grown in popularity; however, if you're an Aquarius and any sort of trendiness puts you off, you have options.

Traditional style goses are fairly subtle in flavor, and they offer a great starting point for creative brewers. If you visit micro-breweries, you'll come across subtypes made with extra fruit and citrus flavors, from cheery and passionfruit to lime and blood orange.


As the last sign in the zodiac, it's believed that Pisces inherits all the wisdom of the signs that come before it. For this reason, these signs are incredibly psychic, empathetic, and compassionate. Represented by two fish, the Pisces has a unique relationship to fantasy and reality — and they're constantly divided between the two. It's part of the reason why these signs are so creative, and it's also why sometimes they can get carried away with their emotions. The only thing that brings them back to earth is expressing themselves through their artistic pursuits. So, it may or may not come as no surprise that the type of beer Pisces would be is none other than glitter beer.

While it's not typically recognized as a type of beer, The Brewers Association named it an official competition style in 2018. Although it's a bit controversial, glitter beer is definitely a category of its own — and you can find it on the Instagram feeds of breweries across the country. What makes them perfect for Pisces isn't just their magical sheen; it's the fact that the edible glitter, which is made from sugar, maltodextrin, and mica-based pearlescent pigments, can be added to any type of beer you can imagine without impacting the taste. The idea of glitter, however, often inspires brewers to be a little extra, so these beers are often mixed with bolder, juicier flavors. They'll also make an infinitely better upgrade from your green beer next Saint Paddy's Day.