This Is The Ina Garten Dish You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ina Garten is an American prodigy. True to her Aquarius nature, Ina began to grow bored with the normalcy of her life working in nuclear energy policy. So, when she came across an advertisement for a small food store in the Hamptons, she made an offer on the spot — and her everyday reality changed forever. All thanks to her world-famous dishes, the 400 square foot food store the Barefoot Contessa grew into a 3,000 square foot emporium within 20 years.

Despite the store's closure in 2003, Ina Garten has continued to make a name for herself and Barefoot Contessa. Her cookbooks, which range from collections of the recipes that made the store such a success, as in The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, to reinventions of her favorite desserts in Modern Comfort Food, have made her a New York Times Best-Selling author. At the same time, her Food Network show, also called "Barefoot Contessa," has made her both a multi-Emmy and James Beard Award-winning television host.

Her dishes and tips continue to win us over time and time again — and there are a lot of them. From her shows on Food Network and Discovery+ to her features in magazines of the likes of Martha Stewart Living and O, the Oprah Magazine, to the hundreds of recipes found across the pages of all 10 of her cookbooks, there's an Ina Garten dish out there for everyone. Just like your zodiac, the one you choose can say a lot about you.


Aries are the first sign on the zodiac calendar, so it's fitting that they also love being the first in other aspects of their lives. Aries are described as being motivated, confident, bold, and ambitious — and they're fearless when it comes to starting new endeavors. With all of that in mind, it's probably no surprise that the Aries' Ina Garten dish is the first recipe the chef ever shared as a Food Network host after stepping away from the successful Barefoot Contessa food store: Fresh Lemonade.

Ina Garten's Fresh Lemonade is made from the same basic ingredients all fresh lemonade is made from, including freshly squeezed lemon juice, sugar, water, and ice. Only, as shared in a video to her Instagram, where the star is seen donning her signature blue denim button-up, Ina also likes to add a little something special to her mix — vodka. She particularly likes to pair the drink with Mediterranean food, but, as you know, lemonade is a summertime classic that will pair just as well with your grilled hot dogs as it will with your Mediterranean orzo.


A Taurus is often described as being loyal, focused, and steadfast. Two of the sign's greatest values are stability and consistency. However, they're also particularly indulgent, and the Taurus takes great pleasure in the modern luxuries of life. Those pleasures, of course, can extend to their food. While Ina Garten may not prefer making fancy meals at home herself, she certainly has a few recipes up her sleeve that boast the succulent flavors, soothing aromas, and consistency that the Taurus enjoys. One of those recipes is her signature dish, The Skillet Roasted Lemon Chicken.

There's a famous quote by Ina Garten, "Food is not about impressing people. It's about making them feel comfortable." But I'd argue a lot of her recipes do both — especially her Skillet Roasted Lemon Chicken. Made from butterflied chicken, roasted onions, sliced garlic, and, of course, lemon, thyme, and fennel, this recipe is aromatic and indulgent, delivering everything that the Taurus is looking for with minimum effort. Roasted in a skillet along with some potatoes and carrots, you can't really go wrong. That's exactly why, for Ina, it's both her "can't live without" home meal and her go-to for entertaining.


Famously represented by twins, Geminis have an unfair reputation for being two-faced. But that couldn't be further from the reality. Geminis, in actuality, are endlessly curious. They're also incredibly social and are known for having multiple social groups. The combination of their variety of interests and demanding social calendars means they're often caught wishing they could be in two places at once — hence, the twin reference. In regards to Ina Garten, however, and which recipe this sign would be, there's really only one that might reference their desire for a double life. That being her Double Chocolate Layer Cake.

With the addition of buttermilk, Ina Garten's chocolate cake is miraculously both moist and light. That, coupled with her genius tip for adding egg yolk to chocolate buttercream for a rich twist, and mixing the slightest bit of coffee for a deeper, more enhanced flavor, makes Ina's chocolate cake an undisputed winner — even against the likes of Martha Stewart. Just like a Gemini, the double layer makes for double the fun, and I can almost guarantee that if you're serving Ina's Double Chocolate Layer Cake at the party, no one will want to be anywhere else. Put simply, this cake is heaven on Earth.


Moody, intuitive, sensitive, and compassionate — those are a few words that only begin to describe Cancer signs. Represented by the crab, however, Cancers are extremely self-protective, and many of these traits are kept hidden underneath a hard shell. Their deep intuitiveness also makes them highly sensitive to their environments. In many ways, Cancers are a lot like a meringue. As Ina Garten said herself in an episode of the "Barefoot Contessa," rainy days are the worst for making them. The humidity in the air interferes with the consistency of your meringue just like it interferes with a Cancer's mood.

Still, when it's not raining, Ina Garten has a few different foolproof meringue recipes for you to follow. Whether you go for her Meringues Chantilly, Chocolate Pecan Meringue Torte, or her Salted Pistachio Meringues, if you follow her wise advice, they should always come out firm on the outside and deliciously fluffy, soft, and sweet on the inside — just like our beloved Cancer friends.


Represented by the lion and ruled by the sun, Leos like to think that the world revolves around them — and in some ways, it does. Leos are born for the spotlight. A few of the most famous examples include Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Jennifer Lopez. But, the truth is, every Leo sees themself as a celebrity. Of course, as with anyone, that amount of ego can get the best of them. While Leos are praised for their loyalty, bravery, and ambition, they're also immensely jealous. Leo's greatest lesson to learn is that there is enough spotlight to go around.

So, where does this put Leo in reference to Ina Garten's famous recipes? Anywhere, really. Ina has shared countless recipes — and they're all good. It's the collective accumulation of each that has made her such a success, something that is important for Leo to recognize. Still, no one can deny Leo's star-like qualities. For that reason, if the Leo were any of Ina Garten's recipes in particular, it'd be her Lemon Capellini. Coming together in a matter of minutes, Ina claims it's one of the fastest weeknight pasta dishes you can make.

The sauce is made on the stove right alongside the pasta, with butter and the star of the dish, lemon. However, it's so versatile you could add just about any protein to the mix. Whether it's chicken, or Ina's recommendation, shrimp, the lemon will be happy to share a bit of the spotlight.


If you need something done, and you need it done right, ask a Virgo. Virgos are known for their due diligence — in fact, one of their favorite activities is making to-do lists. They take great satisfaction in crossing each item off at the end of the day. They're also perfectionists, so not only will they get everything that they need to do, but they'll do so to such high standards that you'll be wondering how it's possible. But it doesn't come without costs. Virgos are extremely self-critical, and the perfection and order they seek out in their external worlds are only hiding the storm of emotions within. This all manifests in their desire to help and problem-solve.

Considering all of the practical cooking tips and tricks that Ina Garten has shared with the world, it's almost surprising that she isn't a Virgo. One of her greatest tricks, however, is demonstrated in her Creamy Cucumber Salad recipe — emphasis on the "creamy." Cucumber salads are notorious for being runny; however, Ina's method of straining the yogurt overnight absolves that issue, resulting in a thicker, creamier dressing. It's only right that the Virgo claim this recipe as their own, seeing as the hack is a practical way to transform a go-to dish for the better.


Said to be the aesthetes of the zodiac, Libras are recognized for their exquisite taste — making them excellent designers, decorators, art critics, and stylists. They have a specific eye for symmetry that transfers to every aspect of their lives. Libras are represented by the scale, and they look to create balance and harmony in both their internal and external environments. Their obsession with aesthetics means that they like to be surrounded by beautiful objects, and yes, that extends to their food. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to catch a Libra debating over the right color plate for the food they're serving.

With this in mind, the Libra's associated Ina Garten dish would have to be one that reflects their love for symmetry and design. While all of Ina's recipes translate a high level of taste when it comes to your flavor palette, only a handful deliver the same level of presentation — at least not to the degree that a Libra might expect. There is, however, one recipe that even a Libra would recognize as artful and balanced: The Zucchini and Goat Cheese Tart.

Made by intricately placing zucchini rounds over one another to create a circular pattern, this dish requires an artistic eye. Placed over a layer of goat cheese that's been mashed with thyme and lemon zest and spread over a flakey pastry crust, the Zucchini and Goat Cheese Tart tastes as good as it looks. But, being an Ina Garten recipe, that comes as no surprise.


Of all the zodiac signs, Scorpios are probably one of the most misunderstood — but they prefer it that way. These signs are difficult to get to know because, in their minds, the less you know, the better. For them, it's all a means of maintaining their power; even though, deep down, all they want is to feel close to someone. While their mystery may be part of their initial charm, very few get to see how empathetic, loyal, and deep they truly are. Just like a crème brûlée, Scorpios have a hard surface, but as Ina Garten demonstrated in an episode of the "Barefoot Contessa," they're not as difficult to crack as you might think.

When you think of crème brûlée, most people automatically think fancy, and anything fancy must therefore be complicated to prepare. While it's by no means easy and will certainly take you some time, most people would be surprised by how feasible a successful crème brûlée actually is. For this reason, the Ina Garten dish that Scorpios are is a crème brûlée — but, not just any crème brûlée — a chocolate one. Ina Garten's Chocolate Crème Brûlée combines bitter-sweet dark chocolate and coffee to create an even deeper and more enhanced chocolate flavor that perfectly encapsulates the Scorpio's true nature.


Passionate, curious, and adaptable, there's really no sign like the Sagittarius. This sign is known for its adventurous spirit and its dynamic ability to embrace the unknown — whether that be in the physical or psychological sense. They often have larger-than-life personalities and an infectious sense of humor. They're both playful and philosophical, making them great conversationalists. However, it's their mouths that often end up getting them into trouble. These fire signs can come off as hot, and they rarely have a filter. To me, it's pretty obvious which Ina Garten recipe the Sagittarius is: Her Jalapeño Margarita is the ultimate spicy margarita.

Jalapeños are a daring addition to your traditional margarita. The spice is undeniable, but, like a Sagittarius, it certainly keeps things interesting. Ina makes hers with one small jalapeño for a little kick, fresh squeezed lime and lemon, a pinch of salt, some honey for sweetness, and a generous amount of blanco or silver tequila — giving you the liquid courage to take on the world like a Sagittarius. The jalapeños are actually infused into the tequila overnight; any longer, and it might get too spicy. Of course, if you like to live on the edge, you can add more jalapeños to the tequila to get more flavor in less time. The only tip here is to remember that it's easier to add spice than subtract, so all of you Sagittarius may need to hold back from going overboard.


Like the Virgo, Capricorns are masters of discipline — but in a different way. Rather than exuding a mask of order, Capricorns prefer to exude power. All they're interested in is respect, and you'll never see them crack. Still, underneath all of their ambition and limitless resilience is a fun, easygoing side. They may be "workaholics," but if you manage to get them away, these signs like to party. Of course, when it comes to Ina Garten, all parties involve food. In her opinion, the best dinner party meals leave guests with a remembered flavor. Fortunately, most, if not all, of Ina Garten's recipes succeed in that — however, only one truly encapsulates the Capricorn's spirit.

Much like the regrettable but unforgettable mullet-style haircuts of the '80s, Capricorns are all business in the front and party in the back. For that reason, the Capricorn's dish has to pack something that wouldn't be expected — something like Ina Garten's Lobster Pot Pie. At first glance, it looks like any other pot pie. However, inside that perfectly gold, puffed pie crust is a perfect bite of fresh lobster meat. It's the perfect dish for a dinner party, and, like a Capricorn, is guaranteed to impress all of your friends. Just remember to serve it up with one of Ina's many delicious cocktail recipes to really get the party, and any Capricorns in attendance, going.


Given the name, the Aquarius often gets mistaken for a water sign. While they are represented by the water bearer, and its name does start with "aqua," the truth is that the Aquarius is actually an air sign. In fact, once you get to know the Aquarius and their qualities, you'll see that they're about as air sign as it gets. Air signs, which include Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, are collectively described as being social, curious, and intellectual. However, as the last air sign in the zodiac calendar, Aquarius takes those qualities to a larger level. Notorious for their nonconformist attitudes, humanitarian values, and unusual hobbies — they're the air sign of all the air signs.

That being said, the Aquarius could only be one Ina Garten dish: The Tiramisu. Made from layers of Italian lady fingers that have been soaked in rum and espresso and sweet mascarpone cheese that's been whipped in a stand mixer, Ina Garten's Tiramisu is light, fluffy, and — dare I say it — airy. Topped with a healthy dusting of her go-to cocoa powder or confectioners sugar and shavings of bittersweet chocolate, this dish combines the winning flavor combination of chocolate and espresso. All of the flavors marry together overnight and in true Aquarius fashion, enhance one another for the greater good of the dish.


Pisces' sign is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. As the image suggests, they are, in fact, water signs — however, it's the Pisces' attentiveness, or lack thereof, that the fish are meant to portray, and not their connection to the ocean (although that's also true). The Pisces are always daydreaming, and their attention is always being pulled between fantasy and reality. They're extremely sensitive beings, and their imaginations can often get the best of them. So, while it does lend well to their creative and artistic pursuits, it's important that Pisces have a means of staying grounded. Fortunately, there's an Ina Garten dish that is sure to do just that.

Ina Garten's Easy Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Croutons are an innovative take on a staple dish. Using cut-up pieces of grilled Gruyère cheese sandwiches in place of the basic crouton is an idea that borders on fantasy — but is oh so real. The addition of saffron to the canned San Marzano tomato base, which is known to be the canned tomatoes Ina can't get enough of, imparts brighter colors and deeper aromatics to an already indulgent soup. The combination of grilled cheese and tomato soup is enough to bring anyone back down to Earth or send them to another dimension; there's really no in-between. At the same time, Ina's personal touches embark on the creativity that Pisces appreciate.