Replicate Thomas Keller's Famous Whipped Brie With Only 2 Ingredients

Thomas Keller's whipped brie which he serves at his Michelin-star restaurant, The French Laundry, is legendary. The cheese's texture is creamy and buttery, so it seems like a logical leap to whip it into a light and airy creation that you can spread on chewy bread or even crunchy crackers. To craft this refined appetizer, Keller uses Brie de Meaux and tops it with port, figs, and some fleur de sel. 

It's so delicious, numerous adaptations of this crowd-pleaser can be found with a simple internet search yielding results. But leave it to TikTok to popularize a way to replicate and simplify this dish so you can make it whenever your cheesy taste buds need it. The process requires just two ingredients — brie and honey. You will also need to break out the food processor or blender to whip your next round of cheese into a fluffy spread that will be the perfect addition to your next soirée.

Whip your brie at room temperature before adding honey

To make your whipped brie, simply cut it up into cubes, place it in your blender, and whip it on high until it is smooth, thick, and creamy. A pro tip, you want your brie cold when you cut the rind off. However, it needs to be at room temp before you begin whipping. Place the whipped brie in a bowl and drizzle it with a little honey and you are ready to serve. 

In the TikTok video, the cheese is sprea on sourdough, but you can choose whatever base you like to serve with this cheese. And don't feel tied to drizzling just honey over your whipped brie. This type of dairy spread is a canvas awaiting your creativity. You can use berries, jams, or a compote to add a little sweetness. However, if you prefer to tap into your savory desires, you can even top it with some herbs, caramelized onions, bacon, or a little sauteed garlic. With this recipe in mind, your next charcuterie board is sure to be a hit.