A Splash Of Orange Juice Makes For A Tangy, Flavorful Steak Tenderizer

Steak is a favored cut of beef for backyard barbecues and fancy dinners. However, like most meats, it can benefit from a nice marinade to add flavor and tenderize a cheaper version of this favorite, making it juicy and mouth watering when you sink your teeth into it. While wine and Worcestershire sauce are two go-to ingredients when whipping up one of these flavor infusions, adding a splash of store-bought or homemade orange juice can make for a tangy, tasty, and tender piece of meat.

What does OJ add? Orange juice has both sweet and acidic components to it that can enhance how a steak's taste on the tongue, but its acidic qualities help to break down the proteins which cause your cut of beef to be tough in the first place, transforming your steak's texture and taste by leaving it softer and ready to be grilled or pan-fried in your favorite cast iron pan. 

Just 30 minutes needed for tangy, citrusy steak

As wonderful as a little OJ can be for a steak marinade, you don't want to overdo it. Add too much or let your meat bathe in your citrusy marinade for too long, and it will have the direct opposite effect, producing a tough steak. Thirty minutes is plenty of time for orange juice to do its trick but don't exceed more than four hours or you may wind up with a sore jaw from all that chewing. 

What flavors pair well when creating a marinade with orange juice? Soy sauce, along with some garlic, cumin, or other herbs and spices can help to create a complex flavor. Or consider adding a little lime, honey, and cilantro to the mix for a tangy and spicy taste. Just be careful to strike a balance when using OJ so it doesn't overwhelm you. It should be subtle so the other flavors can shine as well.