Charleston Cocktail Bar Prohibition Puts A Unique Buttery Twist On Irish Coffee

At South Carolina's Prohibition Bar and Restaurant, inventive drink orders transform standard recipes into boozy journeys for those lucky enough to find themselves ordering libations from the lively establishment. Take the Bacon Maple Old Fashioned, for example; Larceny bourbon that has been infused with bacon is mixed with maple syrup, bitters, and citrus zest for customers saddling up to the bar. 

But the establishment really pulls out all the stops with its Gran Rosta Coffee, a conventional Irish coffee that has been crowned with generous sprinkles of popcorn dust. "Grán rósta" is the Irish term for popcorn, and buttery, salty notes bring new texture and depth to the coffee classic. It's like drinking a hot mug of morning coffee with a luxurious spoonful of ghee added to your cup — only the drinks made at Prohibition pack punches that can help kick off evenings of weekend revelry. As told to, Prohibition's owner Ray Burns admits that coffee is no laughing matter at his establishment. "As Irishmen, we take our Irish Coffee very seriously," he said.

Adding salty, buttery flavors to recipes with ease

Take a page out of Burns' book and try making your own concoction at home to warm yourself on a cold morning or end a meal with a boozy treat. Simply mix your favorite brewed coffee with an ounce of single-grain Irish whiskey and ½ ounce of simple syrup. Top your mug with whipped cream, and dust the drink with powder made from grinding up fresh buttered popcorn.

For a salty punch, a sprinkle of crunchy sea salt will amplify the flavors even more. After trying this version of Irish coffee with a buttery twist, you may begin to sprinkle powdered popcorn on other drinks. And once you've ground popcorn into powder and experienced the magic that comes from the easy addition, you might find yourself tossing the ingredient on top of oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, and cookies for a quick buttery, salty upgrade.