Brush Mashed Potatoes With Egg Wash For A Golden Crust

Adding root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, or onions is a common strategy for dressing up mashed potatoes. And sprinkling garlic and herbs like rosemary, or introducing dairy such as blue cheese or buttermilk, can amp up the taste as well. But, while these ingredients make for incredible taste, their help with presentation is limited. So for the perfect finishing touch, trying adding an egg wash to your dish.

The technique comes from the Duchess Potato, a recipe that, just like its name, is a little fancier and more high-maintenance than the humble mashed potato. The Duchess Potato's piped swirling patterns accented with a crisp brown exterior may resemble richly-patterned fabrics that would adorn a duchess. And although the gorgeous brown surface may seem reserved for nobility, obtaining that same crisp golden color and texture on any mashed potato dish with an egg is simple.

Egg washes are easy

In baking breads and pastries, egg washes give the dough a golden-brown and shiny texture. The same technique will give mashed potatoes a satisfyingly brown and crispy top. You only need two ingredients to make an egg wash: an egg and a liquid. Feel free to experiment using the whole egg, yolk, or whites. You can choose from water, milk, or cream for the liquid.

The ideal egg-to-liquid ratio is 1 tablespoon of liquid for every egg. If you use just the yolk or egg whites, bring the liquid down to half a tablespoon. Vegans can use plant-based egg substitutes and milk alternatives for the same result. Whisk the egg and liquid to combine. Then, use a pastry brush, ideally silicone, to coat a thin egg wash layer on top of your mashed potatoes. Avoid puddles of egg wash forming in any crevices. Then, bake the mashed potatoes to your desired color and crispiness.

For those wanting to replicate the Duchess Potato, you can use a piping bag and star tip or a freezer bag with a corner cut. No matter your approach, an egg wash will give your mashed potatoes a more refined finish.