How To Create Starbucks' Secret Menu Strawberry Cobbler Drinks

While the new frozen lemonade refreshers have everyone running to Starbucks for a summer cooldown, when you need a break from citrus for something creamier, have we got the secret menu item for you. If you're looking to recreate the classic strawberry cobbler into a cold, refreshing beverage, take notes because it's just a matter of requesting (or online ordering) your drinks with these specs. 

Start off with a venti iced green tea, then add strawberry puree (if online, this can be done by looking for "add fruit" under the Add-ins dropdown) and coconut milk (under the Add Creamer dropdown), and ask for the whole thing to be shaken. Finally — for that cobbler crust flavor — ask your barista to include two pumps of brown sugar syrup and a brown sugar cold foam topping (or the cinnamon sweet cream cold foam on the app). If in-store, you can also request toasted honey as a topping, though you won't find this option on the app or site.

The result is a sweet, chilled beverage that has all the elements of strawberry cobbler you love: The fruity flavor, the creaminess reminiscent of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and extra sweetness with brown sugar, cinnamon, and honey. Plus, you'll get a little caffeine boost from the green tea base that will carry you through a fun day in the sun.

How to order a Starbucks secret menu strawberry cobbler frappuccino

If you're thirsting after a strawberry cobbler-flavored beverage this summer, a secret menu refresher isn't the only option you have at Starbucks. For something that tastes a little closer to a milkshake, try making a strawberry cobbler frappuccino. Here's what you'll do: Order a venti strawberry crème frappuccino, which already has the fruity puree. Then remove the two pumps of classic syrup that the drink comes with and add two pumps of brown sugar syrup. The frappe already comes with whipped cream, but you can then add a toasted cookie crumble topping and cinnamon powder (found in the toppings section). If you'd like, you can ask your barista for the toasted honey topping too, although (again) you won't be able to add it if ordering online.

Also, feel free to customize your dairy choice. The strawberry crème frappuccino starts with whole milk, but you can sub that out for coconut, almond, soy, and more. To switch up the original cobbler beverage formula, you can also choose a white chocolate or vanilla crème frappuccino base and add in the fruit puree and the rest of the ingredients, although this will need to be done in-store. But no matter which option you go for, you'll get a sweet, creamy, heavenly summer drink.