Starbucks Rolls Out Frozen Lemonade Refreshers To Cool Off For Summer

Starbucks iced coffees and Frappuccinos already make a nice hot weather treat, and now the coffee chain is hoping to create some new summer favorites with its new line of frozen lemonade refreshers. Rumors of new frozen lemonades have been swirling for the past several weeks after a behind-the-scenes Starbucks Instagram account leaked information about a potential launch this month. Well, they appear to have gotten the details spot on, as a press release sent to Tasting Table by Starbucks says the three debut flavors of the new line will be available at stores starting on June 27th, as the second part of their new summer menu.

The frozen lemonade refreshers are an extension of the already popular refreshers line and feature iced, blended versions of three popular lemonade flavors. There will be a pineapple and passionfruit lemonade with chunks of real pineapple, a mango dragonfruit lemonade with fresh dragonfruit, and a strawberry açai lemonade with diced strawberries. In addition to the different fresh fruits in each cup, all three lemonade flavors will be mixed with some strawberry puree, giving them both an extra-summery flavor and an enticing swirl of bright red color. 

Starbucks says fans have been customizing the refreshers for years, including blending them with ice, and the new frozen lemonades were "Inspired by these customer and partner creations." And if these new lemonades sound good you'll have plenty of time to try each one, because all three flavors are joining the permanent menu.

Frozen lemonade Starbucks refreshers are part of a big Starbucks summer

Starbucks' summer drinks are always hotly anticipated, and while the chain already rolled out new summer coffee flavors – including White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew and the Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino – as part one of its 2023 summer menu, the company clearly wanted to save the biggest announcement for the height of the season.

The original refreshers drinks themselves were a midsummer release all the way back in 2012, and since then the line of fan-favorite beverages has been continuously expanding. The new frozen lemonade refreshers are not the first time a customer-created variation on refreshers has gotten the official treatment either, as the popular Pink Drink, built around strawberry açaí flavorings, was originally a secret menu item. In fact, these frozen lemonades are being announced only a few months after the Pink Drink was added to Starbucks' lineup of ready-to-drink products.

Perhaps one of these new lemonade refreshers will garner the same type of attention. And if folks find themselves returning to Starbucks' over and over again for the drinks, they can make use of another Starbucks summer rollout: a new line of reusable drinkware in bright summer designs, alongside a second collection from its Starbucks Artist Collaboration Series, featuring artist Yiqiao Wang and honoring the deaf community. If Starbucks' other refreshers innovations are anything to go by, you'll need those long-lasting cups, because the frozen lemonade refreshers are here to stay.