Sunny Anderson Doesn't Skimp When Making Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

It's difficult to resist the salty, creamy, fatty goodness that is known as cheese. It makes practically everything it touches taste better, including scrambled eggs. When this dairy product melts with scrambled eggs that are soft, light, and fluffy, the combined textures can make a mouth salivate. This simple combination is delicious and satisfying when prepared properly; however, it can be a conundrum when trying to figure out just when in your scrambled egg-making process you should add your favorite shredded cheddar or crumbly goat cheese.

Some people wait until the eggs are completely cooked and top them with a handful of their cheese of choice, while others incorporate it into the egg mixture before they even start cooking. But which is the right way? Sunny Anderson does both. "The Kitchen" co-host shared on Food Network that when your eggs are "...75 percent done, add the cheese and from this moment, continue to whisk the eggs until done." Anderson further explains on an episode of her "Cooking for Real" show that when it comes to cheesy eggs, "it's not about them just being sprinkled with cheese, you gotta put some cheese in [them]."

Why timing is key

If you add your cheese too soon, it will become a cheesy gooey mess and won't look anything like scrambled eggs. Add it too late, and it's an afterthought. And if you are wondering how much cheese to add, it is approximately 1 tablespoon of shredded cheese per egg. Anderson explained that making scrambled eggs uses the same philosophy as barbecue. It's all about slow and low heat cooking. That is unless you want rubbery scrambled eggs, and no one wants that. 

When it comes to choosing the type of cheese to add to your eggs, the key is to select one that will melt easily. Besides the usual suspects, a good Gruyere or Parmigiano Reggiano are excellent choices. Additionally, the key to creating delicious, cheesy scrambled eggs starts with a whisk. Anderson can be seen continuously moving her whisk around in her pan of eggs to achieve lovely curds. She also says that it should take anywhere from eight to 12 minutes to make scrambled eggs once they hit the frying pan so patience is a virtue with this dish.