Stanley Teams Up With Hearth & Hand For A Target-Exclusive Cup Collection

Starting this summer, Target's exclusive Hearth & Hand brand is teaming up with travel mug company Stanley to offer a new cup collection at the retailer. Hearth & Hand is the Target arm of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia empire, which they launched back in 2017. True to their Texas roots, the collection features home goods with an emphasis on a rustic, modern farmhouse style, and now they've partnered with Stanley, one of the oldest and most respected brands in outdoor adventuring. The thermos company has seen an unexpected explosion in popularity among younger customers in the past few years, and it appears to be taking advantage of its new found trendiness by collaborating with two of the giants of home goods.

Revealed via a Target fan Instagram account, the new line will debut on July 30, featuring both 40-ounce Flowstate Quencher tumblers and 48-ounce Classic Legendary travel bottles. Normally better known for its pastel color scheme, the Hearth & Hand Stanley line will instead come in six earth-toned colors to match the rest of the Target collection. The six colors for the tumblers will be basic brown, peat moss, serene green, sour cream, twilight taupe, and navy voyage, with each bottle retailing at $45. The Classic Legendary bottles come in at the same price in four colors: navy voyage, peat moss, cocoa praline, and a plaid design. Both bottles are made from BPA-free, 18/8 stainless steel, the same as Stanley's main line of products.

Stanley's Hearth & Hand line comes as the brand is finding a new customer base

Stanley mugs have been around for a long time, and normally haven't been trendy enough to score a big name partnership. Founded in 1913, the brand was originally marketed for its toughness and durability, and made a name for itself from its use by pilots during World War 2. Marketing has traditionally been aimed at men, specifically outdoor adventurers, hunters, and fishermen, but that all changed recently as a new generation embraced the mugs for their simple aesthetic and convenience. After being featured on lifestyle blogs and social media accounts by hydration-obsessed influencers, the mugs started regularly selling out, with fans showing off collections that feature a rainbow of colors for every day of the week. Since then Stanley has embraced its viral popularity and teamed up with brands like Starbucks for exclusive lines.

While the signature clean look and canny marketing has definitely made a difference, the same utility it marketed to outdoorsmen is what continues to draw people in. Beyond the company's promise that the insulated containers will keep liquids hot or cold for six hours plus, they are also large, have handles, and are dishwasher safe, a trio of traits that made them very attractive to early influencers. So, whether you want to complete your Stanley color collection, or just need a practical travel mug, keep an eye out for the new Hearth & Hand line at Target.