Add A Dash Of Sweetness To Your Cocktail With A Honey Rim

Every cocktail needs a good garnish. Whether it's olives in a martini, a twist of lime in a gin and tonic, or a cocktail umbrella in a pina colada, there is nothing quite like a flavorful, attractive garnish to put the finishing touch on a drink. However, nothing screams attractive garnish more than a lining on the rim of a cocktail. Though most commonly associated with margaritas, a lining could really work for any type of cocktail even if it is not part of the original recipe. And, for a dash of sweetness, you might want to consider using honey as opposed to salt or sugar.

In terms of depth of flavor and sweetness, honey is hard to beat. It could really make the floral and citrus notes of your cocktail pop. From orange and lime blossom to wildflower or buckwheat honey, you can cater your honey rim to compliment the flavors in your cocktail. Like a sugar or salt rim, honey can help balance out the flavors of the cocktail.

Plus, from a purely physical standpoint, honey is sticky! It will stick to the rim of your glass with no problem, and if you wanted to add even more flavor levels to your cocktail, you could coat your honey rim with additional garnishes like herbs, candied fruit, chocolate shavings, or additional sugar. And, to top it all off, rimming your cocktail glass with honey is very easy to do.

How to add a honey rim

You could add a honey rim to every type of glass. The only thing you will need to be careful of is to make sure that no honey actually gets into the glass, as it could affect the texture of the cocktail. Remember, the rim is meant to be a garnish, not part of the actual body of the drink. For this technique, all you need is some honey (whichever type you like) and a plate wide enough to fit the rim of the glass.

Fill the plate with enough honey to make a small pool, but not so much that the honey will overflow. Then, flipping your glass upside down, gently dip the rim into the honey. Once you remove the glass, you can take a wet paper towel, and wipe away any honey that found its way into the glass. Carefully work your way around the outer rim to even out the coating. This will add to the cocktail's visual appeal.

When you're sipping on your honey-rimmed cocktail, be sure to sip around the entirety of the rim. If you sip from only one side of the cocktail glass, you'll wear out the honey after a few sips and miss out on the full experience. Just be sure to take your time, enjoy your drink, and savor the moment.