The Best Type Of Salt To Use For A Cocktail Rim

If you think about the best cocktails you've ever had, they probably had some kind of garnish. While garnishes do make cocktails look cool, the best of them aren't just for aesthetics; they affect the aroma and flavor of your drink as well. That's most certainly the case for drinks served with salted rims. What's a margarita without the salt that wakes up the flavor in that heavenly marriage of lime and good tequila?

A salted rim is too often an afterthought and sometimes a sloppy mess that dribbles down the glass with clumpy bits of salt that may even detract from your enjoyment of the cocktail. Choosing the right salt and applying it to the glass with care is, without a doubt, a step that elevates your drink. If you're wondering if there's a right salt to use for rimming your cocktail, the answer is yes — it's kosher salt. Kosher salt doesn't clump like regular table salt, so it's much better for getting the even distribution you're looking for.

Kosher salt is the key for a well-balanced and clump-free salted rim

Not only does kosher salt deliver the perfect clump-free look, but it also deposits just the right amount of salt to balance your cocktail. Since table salt has finer grains, you'll end up with a much saltier and pucker-inducing result. And you could choose a fancy sea salt like Maldon, but you're spending significantly more than you would for simple, inexpensive, and versatile kosher salt. 

The best cocktails start with a clean, polished glass, and a small plate filled with fresh kosher salt. Be sure to have a wedge of lime (or whatever citrus fruit pairs well with your bevvy) to moisten the rim of the glass. To apply the salt rim for your cocktail, run the lime around the outside the top of the glass, then carefully dip the glass in the kosher salt, taking care not to get the salt inside. And don't feel compelled to rim the entire glass, either — rimming just half of it allows you to sip from the salted portion or take a salt-free sip if you desire.