Van Leeuwen Will Now Ship Its Iconic Ice Cream Sandwiches Nationwide

There are a lot of artisanal ice cream brands competing for your attention these days, but Van Leeuwen has just made its offerings a little bit easier to get, as the brand's ice cream sandwiches will now be available for shipping nationwide. Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen has been around for over a decade now, rising alongside a new wave of premium ice cream brands like Salt & Straw and Jeni's, but it has stood out as a special kind of innovator. When the company launched in 2008 it was one of the first brands to sell high-quality vegan ice cream, and it has continued to draw attention with bold, unique flavors like mac and cheese or ranch ice cream. Bringing frozen treats right to you was even part of its early success, as the company first broke onto the scene as an ice cream truck, not a store, so getting an ice cream sandwich to show up at your door anywhere in the country is a fitting evolution.

This week, Van Leeuwen made an announcement on social media that ice cream sandwiches would be joining its other online offerings. That's good news for ice cream lovers in most of the country, as Van Leeuwen currently only has scoop shops in seven states and Washington D.C. The only constraint you'll have to worry about is that there is a shipping minimum of $60.

Van Leeuwen has multiple ice cream sandwich flavors and vegan options available

While Van Leeuwen's ice cream sandwiches don't quite run the gamut of flavors that its pints do, there are still multiple options available. For dairy ice cream you have honeycomb caramel, which is salted caramel ice cream between honeycomb-flavored cookies, and double chocolate cheesecake. However, for the moment — possibly due to the high demand of this new shipping offer — the honeycomb is sold out. Each individual sandwich is $8, although you must order at least four at a time if you're shipping them, which is a separate requirement alongside the $60 order minimum.

True to the company's beginnings, there are also two vegan ice cream sandwiches available. The double chocolate sandwich has a dairy-free variation made with vanilla ice cream, and the vegan honeycomb option swaps out the caramel ice cream for a snickerdoodle flavor. If you don't want to wait for shipping and don't have a Van Leeuwen shop nearby, you can use the brand's product locator to find grocery stores and other retailers that might be selling them.