Van Leeuwen And Hidden Valley Are Bringing Ranch Ice Cream To Walmart

Surprising flavors have always been a specialty for Van Leeuwen. Last year alone, for example, it premiered ice cream flavors as unexpected and unusual as Grey Poupon with Salted PretzelsĀ and Mexican Hot Chocolate with Tapatio Hot Sauce. Van Leeuwen also released a controversial Mac & Cheese flavor as well as pizza ice cream. The latter two, notably, were among the first series of flavors Van Leeuwen made exclusively in association with Walmart.

Beginning in March 2022, Van Leeuwen began releasing ice cream to Walmart seven flavors at a time, with each new series available for purchase during a seasonal 10-week period. This March marks the one-year anniversary of that partnership, and yes, the boutique ice cream brand once again releasing seven new flavors for sale at Walmart's 3,500 locations, Van Leeuwen recently announced.

It might be hard top Kraft Macaroni and Cheese as unexpected ice cream flavors go, but the company appears to be using a similar formula for its spring launch; meaning it has collaborated with yet another food brand to offer a startling original flavor.

When Van Leeuwen's ranch ice cream will be available

It's official: Hidden Valley Ranch ice cream is among the seven new flavors Van Leeuwen is releasing to Walmart for a 10-week rotation (March 20 to May 28), according to the company, which made the announcement of its unusual new flavor on National Ranch Day.

Hidden Valley, the originator of ranch dressing, collaborated on the creation of ranch ice cream, which Van Leeuwen's eponymous founder, Ben Van Leeuwen, termed the brand's "most surprising" flavor to date in a recent press release. According to Hidden Valley's Associate Director, Rachel Garrison, the buttermilk and herb-based ice cream flavor can also be given a little extra crunch via toppings of potato chips or crushed pretzels.

Some early reviews of the product have already reached the internet. A Today contributor felt the garlicky aroma created an expectation of savory flavors that belied the actual sweetness, resulting in "a shock to the senses." They thought pairing the treat with chips improved the taste. People also taste-tested the ranch ice cream and despite finding the smell unappealing, the testers were pleasantly surprised.

Six other flavors were also released to Walmart as part of Van Leeuwen's spring rotation: Blood Orange Chocolate Chip, Carrot Cake, Honey Graham Cracker, Limoncello Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and Sweet Maple Cornbread. All of the new flavors, including Hidden Valley Ranch, will be sold at Walmart for $4.98 during the limited-time run.