Turn Your Leftover Potato Salad Into A Tasty Handheld Meal

You've probably had a surplus of potato salad in your fridge after a cookout or dinner party plenty of times (we know we have). And it's not necessarily a bad thing to have extra creamy, tangy potato salad to serve with your meals for a couple of nights. It makes meal planning easier if you have one less side dish to hassle with. But what happens if you have too much of it in the fridge — or your stomach can't handle another spoonful on its own?

That's when creativity comes into play, because the classic side dish can be used in more ways than served as a pile next to a hamburger. It's typically made up of mayonnaise and mustard with crunchy vegetables like onion and celery, giving it the perfect combination of soft and crunchy textures with creamy and tangy flavors to elevate other foods, including handheld meals. We're thinking of sandwiches stuffed with potato salad or tacos topped with the dish, but there are plenty of other options.

Using leftover potato salad in handheld meals

To inspire you, we've got a few ideas for delicious handheld meals that pair perfectly with a dollop (or spoonful) of those leftovers. Sandwiches are an obvious choice because these days, they can be made with just about anything. A grilled cheese is one sandwich option, because what's better than gooey melted cheese with crunchy potato salad between toasted bread? Add some bacon on there, too. You can also swap the coleslaw for potato salad on a BBQ sandwich, elevate your hamburger with a spoonful on top, or use it to make tea sandwiches on its own between two squares of white bread.

If you aren't craving a sandwich, there are other handhelds that can be elevated with those leftovers. Tacos are a vessel for practically anything, so why not throw some of that potato salad on top of a taco? Grilled chicken is a common counterpart to the dish, so we think it would make a delicious combination on a fresh tortilla. Hot dogs are another no-brainer because you'll get the flavors of a summer cookout all in one bite. And if none of those ideas are making you hungry, mix in some extra vegetables, more mayonnaise, and hot sauce and eat it as a dip with tortilla chips. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to avoiding food waste.