The Clever Cutting Board Set Up You Need For Easier Meal Prep

Meal prepping for the week ahead has a lot of benefits. It can help you save time cutting and cooking food during the week, it can help you save money when you buy your ingredients in bulk, and it allows you to pre-portion out your meals. The downside? It can be difficult to keep things organized while you're prepping multiple different ingredients, and you can end up with a chaotic kitchen.

To cut down on time and stress, try whipping out a cutting board specifically designed for meal prep. Not only do these multipurpose devices allow you to chop your protein and veggies, but they come with little drawers underneath so you can slide your diced food right in, clearing space and allowing you to work on the next item. And when you're done prepping everything, some drawers even come with lids so you can pop them right in the fridge. This means you won't have to run around the kitchen maneuvering your chicken and broccoli into different Tupperware containers, and you'll have everything you need to get the job done in one place.

How to use a meal prep cutting board

There are different types of meal prep cutting boards with various gadgets and gizmos, so be sure to choose the one that works best for your process. Some containers double as colanders, so you can rinse your produce right next to where you cut it. If you don't need little containers for all your ingredients, you can also use the drawers as mini waste bins to hold your fruit and veggie scraps until you throw them all out or compost them at the end. However, if you want to keep your leftover produce like the other half of an avocado, some cutting boards even come with silicone lids that you can stretch to fit the size of your food. 

If you're into grating things like carrots and cheese or slicing with a mandolin, some options also come with an attachment section where you can switch out a variety of different blades. The best part? Those grated or sliced veggies will fall straight into another drawer underneath, so you can keep them with everything else. You may even be able to find an attachment that works as a juicer, so you can squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice right onto your food. No matter what your meal prep looks like, a multipurpose cutting board can help you streamline your process so you can keep things organized in the kitchen.