Domino's Is Teaming Up With Uber Eats And Postmates For Deliveries

Domino's is well-known for having a custom app that allows you to select, customize, and track your pickup or delivery orders from the chain. Previously, Domino's has stayed away from third-party delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Postmates, forcing customers to turn solely to the chain's app — but as of July 12, that's going to change. The pizza establishment is rolling out a new partnership with both of the aforementioned platforms, per a press release, which should be available to U.S. customers by this fall in select areas.

According to Domino's CEO Russell Weiner, the new agreement came as a result of customers asking to order the chain's pizza on food delivery apps they already use, like Uber Eats. "Given certain customers only order their delivery from the Uber Eats app, this deal could make Domino's available to millions of new customers around the world," Weiner states. Once it becomes available on Uber Eats, customers will have access to menu items from their local Domino's store. 

Domino's changed its mind about third-party delivery apps

While a plethora of national pizza chains already accept orders through Uber Eats (like Papa John's, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesars), Domino's is notorious for sticking to its guns amidst the food delivery app craze. In fact, in 2021, the chain announced it was giving away "Surprise Frees," aka more than 5 million free menu items, to counteract the hidden fees on other delivery apps. "Unlike many third-party food delivery apps, Domino's provides customers with one straightforward delivery fee, because we know what customers want and deserve," Weiner said at the time.

Today, however, the chain is seeing the benefits of partnering up with Uber Eats and Postmates. Not only will the change increase its customer base, but the data from Uber can give the company better insight into optimal delivery metrics, according to the press release. Plus, the new agreement could potentially bring Uber Eats orders to 70% of global Domino's stores and generate $1 billion in sales. 

The chain will still get to retain much of its branding — delivery drivers will still be in Domino's uniforms, and the original app will offer deals and its loyalty program. Seeing as how Domino's shares increased over 10% when news of the partnership broke, it seems as though the new agreement is off to a successful start.