The Pasta Variety Made With Unique Decorative Stamps

Corzetti, one of the most visually compelling and yet lesser-known pastas, has a long and rich history. Originating Italy's Liguria region, these customized circles of deliciousness date back to the Middle Ages. Made of a dough with flour, water, salt, wine, and sometimes egg, this pasta may take its name from corzetto, a medieval coin, which was believed to have been used to create the original pattern and shape of the pasta.

Corzetti makers eventually moved on from coins, and special stamps were made to make the pasta. The word corzetti, and one of its alternate names, croxetti, is likely a play on the Latin word for "cross," and these pastas were often marked with a cross design on one side. The two-piece wooden stamps used to make the pasta usually feature two designs, which are imprinted on the pasta when the dough is placed between the two parts. Historically, corzetti stamps featured a depiction of family crests, and they became a popular wedding gift. Today, you can get corzetti stamps with an array of designs and some companies will even make a custom stamp for you.

Corzetti pasta goes well with lots of different sauces

If you want to try corzetti for yourself, there are several options. Some companies sell dried corzetti pasta, but make sure to get the right kind. There is actually another version of corzetti, also known as corzetti della Valpolcevera, that's in the shape of a figure-eight. You're looking for embossed coin-shaped pasta. The designs on the corzetti aren't just decorative; it's believed that imprinting the pasta helps it hold the sauce better.

You also try your hand at making the dough yourself. There are several recipes available online to guide you, and there are even a few videos to show you how. And once you've got your pasta ready, it's time for the sauce. There are lots of great choices that work with corzetti — a pesto Genovese would work well, as would a walnut sauce. The walnut sauce is usually quite simple, featuring crushed walnuts, olive oil, fresh marjoram, garlic, and Parmesan. A pesto made from marjoram is another great accompaniment to corzetti. Mushroom ragu would also be a nice pairing with this pasta. No matter what sauce you choose, the results will be delicious. Crozetti is definitely a pasta that more people should try.