Campbell's Introduces Gluten-Free Versions Of Its Cream Of Chicken And Mushroom Soups

If you follow a gluten-free diet, there's one product that's convenient for many recipes but is nearly impossible to find a good version of that meets your dietary need: canned soups, especially condensed soups. There are some gluten-free versions on the market, but they are usually hard to find on grocery store shelves because the major brands typically use some sort of wheat-based product for thickening.

Now it's time for gluten-free home cooks to rejoice because Campbell's has introduced gluten-free versions of two of its condensed soups. According to a press release, both cream of chicken and cream of mushroom, two of the brand's most popular flavors, will now come in gluten-free versions. That means it will be much easier for you to cook a chicken pot pie as well as many casseroles going forward. And here's more good news: You won't have to wait long because the new products are expected to hit shelves nationwide this summer — with a suggested price of just $1.99 per 10.5-ounce can.

What's in Campbell's gluten-free condensed soups

It's no surprise that Campbell's is launching these gluten-free products as many brands have started making the move in recent years. It makes sense considering nearly one out of five Americans currently avoid eating gluten, according to a Campbell's Custom Survey in June 2023.

But what's in these gluten-free cream of chicken and mushroom soups? The company uses premium ingredients to obtain the creamy, rich soups you expect without using the go-to flour for thickening. Instead, these condensed soups use a combination of modified cornstarch and rice flour, according to a nutrition label. The cream of mushroom has mushrooms, garlic, fresh cream (and no preservatives) and is 100 calories per serving. Antibiotic-free chicken meat makes up the cream of chicken version, which is 130 calories per serving. They work great as a starter to your favorite creamy soup recipe, in holiday dishes like green bean casserole, and in classic chicken casserole recipes.