20 Underrated, Delicious Gluten-Free Snacks

"Gluten-free" is a buzzword these days, but first and foremost, what even is gluten? Medical News Today defines it as, "a family of proteins found in grains, including wheat, rye, spelt, and barley." Safe to consume for most people (which is why it's found in the vast majority of our packaged foods), it can be inconvenient, unpleasant, harmful, or downright deadly for people with certain health conditions like Celiac disease. No one wants death by a snack. Thus, it is essential for the food inventors out there to create delicious snacks that gluten-free people won't just survive eating, but love. Maybe they'll even share with their gluten-tolerant friends.

Some snacks just happen to naturally be gluten-free because they involve absolutely no grains by default: cheese sticks, meat sticks, and, um, celery sticks? But plenty of the most well-known options are completely off-limits: Cheez-Its, pretzels, Doritos, and Oreos. Is it sounding kind of sad? Luckily, there are some amazingly good gluten-free snacks already on the market that give the gluten ones a run for their money. Even if you're someone who can eat gluten safely, you might find your new favorite snack on this list, because from chocolate to peanut butter to hot chili pepper, there's something for everyone.

UNiTE Bars: Mexican Hot Chocolate

UNiTE Food Protein bars take some delicious foods and put all of those fantastic flavors into a gluten-free, satiating snack. All their bars have a unique, chewy, nougaty texture that stems from the use of dates, and this hearty fruit also provides a hint of sweetness. Have you ever wished for more products to channel the magic of churros into other forms? There's a snack for that! But while the churro or the classic PB & jelly bars are amazing, the best of all is the Mexican hot chocolate variety.

Many chocolatey snacks stick to simple chocolate chips or just have a chalky cocoa base, but not these. UNiTE brings the heat with a spicy kick to a thick, fudgy chunk of a bar that's also somehow an excellent source of nutrients. With 10 grams of protein and all the taste of a cozy hot drink, this is our new favorite chocolate craving. This ingenious blend of creamy almond butter, semisweet chocolate, a pinch of cinnamon, and a dash of chili pepper "reminds us of Abuela's secret recipe," as the site notes. Well, here's to hoping these bars don't stay secret much longer!

Pipcorn: Spicy Cheddar Popcorn with Tabasco Sauce

Settle in for a good story. It's a popcorn story, so it's gotta be good, right? Amid a hectic move and with nothing around to eat, brother and sister Jeff and Jen found a bag of mini heirloom popcorn kernels in the back of a cabinet and cooked them up in desperation. The floodgates opened, angels sang, and they knew that heirloom popcorn was the snack of the future. Fueled by their dedication and pure ingredients like non-GMO sunflower oil, real organic cheese, and a happy hue thanks to paprika instead of artificial food dyes, Pipcorn became a Shark Tank success and one of Oprah's favorite snacks.

You can't go wrong with any of the Pipcorn snacks, which have now expanded far beyond popcorn. They all taste great. The best of the bunch, however, has got to be the Spicy Cheddar Popcorn with Tabasco Sauce flavor. If you're a hot sauce, and specifically a tabasco, lover, you'll get your fix with this bag. Seriously spicy, the hot sauce taste is spot-on. These are epic when sprinkled on top of nachos. Yes, it was tested, and, yes, as the kids say, it was fire.

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips: Squeeze of Lime

Siete Foods is another company that started with a mission for better health. A Mexican-American family didn't want to put their delicious fillings onto boring pieces of lettuce, so Veronica Garza began frying up grain-free tortillas. They were met with rave reviews. The logical next step was tortilla chips, and the next step after that was to share her creations with the world. One doesn't usually equate tortilla chips — or any chips besides kale, for that matter — with nutrition, but these change the game. Speaking of games, if you're not a lime person per se but are a quiz person, head over to the website to find out which Siete product you are!

The Squeeze of Lime flavored chips are the very best ones, and, don't worry, it's not some artificial, chemically citric acid that brings the zing. This is the real deal; fresh and tart, a bit of salt-rimmed margarita contained in a toasty chip. The fruity hint of lime makes regular old chips and salsa feel like a fancy restaurant-style appetizer. Go ahead and make your own guac with a squeeze of extra fresh lime juice in it for a next-level experience. With all this zesty, salty fun, you barely care that your snack is grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan — but it's a pretty fantastic bonus.

Bob's Red Mill Homestyle Granola: Maple Sea Salt

Breakfast time, but make it gluten-free, and make it an all-day option that you can snack on at any time. One of the easiest ways to eschew gluten at breakfast is to go for something oat-based, as long as the oats are certified gluten-free. Hearty, warm oatmeal or overnight oats make great choices, but still seem best suited for breakfast. Granola, meanwhile, comes in a bag that can be stashed anywhere and taken on any trip.

Bob's Red Mill makes delicious oat products, including various forms of tasty granola. One of the company's top achievements is the Maple Sea Salt in the "homestyle" category. The pure joy of a tall stack of buttery, crispy-edged pancakes doused in real maple syrup isn't exactly conducive to snacking. Ever seen someone whip up a few pancakes and break out the maple syrup for a snack, or grab a plate of flapjacks from their work desk drawer during the 3 p.m. slump? Probably not. Also, gluten-free pancakes can be hard to find, and, when found, are somewhat lackluster or even just bad. But a bag of this whole grain, golden-brown, toasted granola full of wholesome seeds and sweetened with liquid gold (plus a little brown sugar) is gluten-free and ready whenever you are. It's homey, delicious, and seriously does it all.

Blue Diamond Almonds: Bold Salt 'n Vinegar

Blue Diamond started with the humble almond and has since expanded into all sorts of delicious products, from almond milk yogurt to nut thin crackers to a dark chocolate almond protein powder drink mix. But they have done their best work when taking that humble almond and simply dressing it up a little with herbs, spices, and flavors. The almonds come in three categories: Xtreme, Bold, and Classic. After exploring and honing in on the best creative flavor profiles, one in particular sticks out.

For some people, salt and vinegar potato chips are the best kind of potato chip. The sharp, bracing flavor of acidic vinegar plus the insatiable magnetism of salt makes for an intriguing sort of push-and-pull. Besides, almonds have so much more nutritional value than their deep-fried competition that it's not a fair fight in the first place. With 6 grams of protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving, this is one snack that's as irresistible as potato chips but will keep you full longer, and keep you feeling just a tad more grounded. But you'd still be wise to keep a tall glass of water alongside this salty snack.

G.H. Cretors Cheese and Caramel popcorn mix

At first glance, you may be skeptical of this vintage-style popcorn mix. Two flavors complementing each other are usually a great idea in a snack, like sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, or parmesan and garlic. But cheese and caramel? How can that be any good? To be honest, the science is still patchy on this one, and no logical conclusion can be found, but somehow, it's dynamite for the tastebuds. You just have to try it for yourself, and if you're gluten-free, you're welcome at the tasting party too.

A big bag of Cretor's handcrafted, small batch popcorn is an even combination of real, sharp cheddar and silky copper kettle caramel coated popcorn. You can carefully pick out all of one kind and let your friend enjoy the other, go evenly back and forth, methodically make sure you get one of each in every mouthful, or throw caution to the wind and take whatever you get while piling handfuls into your mouth. If you can't choose between sweet or savory, don't. Just have it all!

Le Pain des Fleurs: Chestnut Crispbread

Ah, French, the language of love, macarons, and Louis Vuitton. And, apparently, gluten-free toasts. Make your charcuterie board the talk of the town (even if your town isn't a sweet little village on the Cote d'Azur.) The ideal marriage of bread and cracker, crispbreads have all the homey, complex flavor of a fresh-baked loaf plus the crispiness of your favorite cracker. "Le Pain des Fleurs" literally translates to "the bread of flowers," and these are indeed the roses of the metaphorical snack garden.

Flavors like onion, quinoa, and multigrain are all at least somewhat recognizable, and all naturally delicious. But the most dazzling variety is the chestnut, a flavor profile exceedingly rare on American grocery store shelves. There are only three ingredients: organic white rice flour, organic chestnut flour, and salt. That's it. So if you're curious to know what these storied nuts taste like when not roasted over an open fire, choose a box of these crispbreads. You'll love the unexpected warmth, nuanced savoriness, and pleasant sweetness. Add some fancy fig jam, wildflower honey, and a slice of creamy brie and you're living your best life. It's going to be hard to ever voluntarily pick up a Saltine once you've experienced these. And, hey, they're also low in sodium and cholesterol free, if you're on the lookout for things like that in your snacks.

Dalci: Brownie Variety Pack

Dalci is on a mission to make "A Better Brownie" that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, with no gluten skulking around to spoil the fun. The company's founder is a health advocate who suffered for years with her own health issues, from chronic pain to gut distress. Struggling to find sweet treats that didn't put her in more pain, she decided that if she wanted a job done right she'd have to do it herself. She founded this company, the name of which is derived from the word "dalchini," meaning cinnamon in Bengali. The products are only made with non-inflammatory ingredients like coconut sugar, avocado oil, almond butter, dark chocolate, and natural flavors.

Dalci brownies currently come in four varieties. There's the classic, decadent dark chocolate brownie that's the gut-friendly, gluten-free version of the ones you'd make at home — and they're better than a box mix. Take things up a notch with the almond butter dark chocolate blondie for a slightly salted, paler version that still has flecks of dark chocolate for good measure. Then go crazy with creativity and give the sunny lemon coconut blondie a try, or taste autumn any time of year with the cozy apple spice blondie. Why does this list not single one flavor out? Well, because there's a variety pack, so you never have to choose just one. Recommendation: Pop them in the microwave until the chocolate is oozing, and devour them piping hot.

Terra Real Vegetable Chips: Screamin' Hot

Okay, vegetable chips don't necessarily scream — get it? — snack sensation. Terra chips have been around for a while in their elegant black bag, the multi-colored veggies waterfalling out artistically into the limelight. The vegetables also aren't exactly the most well-known or Instagram-famous ones: no kale leaves, broccoli florets, or seaweed fronds in sight. Instead, you find a rainbow of humble root veggies like taro, two colors of sweet potatoes, yucca parsnip, and batata. Seriously, how can a parsnip be turned into a near-perfect chip? Terra's doing the most, especially when they turn up the heat just a little bit with the Screamin' Hot flavor.

If you like things so spicy that they make you cry tears of pain, these are not exactly eye-watering. The heat is mild and subtle, but a nice compliment to the rich depth of the root vegetables. It takes their natural gifts and adds a little feistiness just for fun. A bowl of these at a party makes everything a touch more upscale, but also a kick spicier. If the conversation runs dry, have fun by the snack table while noting the intricate differences between yucca and batata.

Sahale Snacks: Tangerine Vanilla Cashew-Macadamia Glazed Mix

Some trail mixes throw in clickbait-y additions like chocolate chips or mini cookies, but the best ones stay cool, calm, and collected by focusing their attention on specific ingredients. Besides, the reason that these snack mixes are so popular is the nutritional punch that comes in even one random handful. The nutrition is usually thanks to the nuts, and that's also a reason that the bags tend to be jackpots for anyone gluten-free. For an elevated mix that lets the nuts shine with inspired flavors, Sahale Snacks could be your new go-to source.

The tangerine vanilla cashew-macadamia mix, in a peach-colored bag that stands out on grocery store shelves, was inspired by nostalgic orange and vanilla ice pops, the classic vintage summertime treat. Sahale put those bright, zesty, yet creamy flavor notes on top of chewy cashews and buttery macadamia nuts. When other brands think small with peanuts and almonds, Sahale chose two of the most rewarding, succulent nuts and showered them with sophisticated Madagascar vanilla, plus sunny tangerine for something truly "Beyond Ordinary." Nothing artificial, no gluten, but lots of innovative flavors makes it a delicious choice when you need a refreshing, wholesome snack.

Envirokidz Cereal: Peanut Butter Panda Puffs

Time to dispel a few misconceptions about cereal. Number one: It's only good at breakfast time. Well, have you ever eaten a bowl of cereal late at night when a craving hits for a snack? If not, you definitely should. Why not bring the joy of cereal to any hour of the day? Number two: It needs milk. Pour cereal over a bowl of yogurt, sprinkle it on top of peanut butter toast, add some to a trail mix, or snack on it straight out of the box. Number three: It's got gluten. This is true for some of the most recognizable cereals for sure, so you'll want to avoid Rice Krispies, Cocoa Puffs, Cap'n Crunch, and more. But how about a cereal that is just as puffed, peanut-buttery, and gluten-free as Reese's Puffs, but loads more organic, nutritious, and whimsically winsome? Try Peanut Butter Panda Puffs.

Nature's Path creates wholesome and tasty foods, especially its delightful line of cereal with animal mascots, Envirokidz. With a mission like, "In everything we do we aim to work in harmony with nature . . . from water and the soil to tiny pollinators and birds, we're passionate about protecting our planet," it's even easier to be passionate about these peanut butter-forward Panda Puffs. The box even spells out a website that takes you directly to adopting a panda. If you love peanut butter, cereal, and the environment, this box is what snack dreams are made of.

Daisy Cottage Cheese with Blueberries

Many foods get bad raps for bad reasons. Brussels sprouts have historically taken the cake when it comes to negative reputations, but recently, the universe seems to have changed its mind thanks to bacon-laced variations that show just how good the underrated vegetable can be. The same goes for tinned fish, sweet potatoes, and pickles: Now they're the subjects of whole cookbooks, french fries, and hummus flavors, respectively. But you know one food that has yet to be saved from the annals of unwarranted distaste? Cottage cheese.

There are so many reasons to love this tangy dairy snack, especially the single-serve iteration from the classic brand known for sour cream, Daisy. For one thing, a conveniently packaged cup delivers an impressive 14 grams of protein, which is more than some big-name Greek yogurts do. It's naturally gluten-free. And while the texture throws some people off at first bite, give it another try. You might find that the springy clumps of cheese add a textural contrast that Greek yogurt could never accomplish, and the backdrop is much creamier anyway. If you only think of cottage cheese as something that grandmas eat with bland, sad, canned pineapple, well, that admittedly doesn't sound very appealing. This remix, with a real blueberry compote, tastes more like berries and cream or even blueberry cheesecake. When it's this easy, delicious, and nutritious, one can see that it's clearly time to bring back the love for cottage cheese.

Quinn Dark Chocolate'y Peanut Filled Pretzel Nuggets

Peanut butter pretzels are just so, so good, people. Everyone goes crazy for the Trader Joe's version or the giant tub of Kirkland Signature ones from Costco. But unfortunately, it can be really hard to find those beloved peanut-butter pretzels, or any pretzels, that are free of gluten. Quinn saves the day, and in more ways than one. The ambitious brand is "on a mission to advance 99% of agriculture by partnering with conventional growers who want to take the first steps to improve their practices." Founded by a mom who wanted to do right by her new baby son, named Quinn, by nourishing him with chemical-free foods, it's a great source for anyone passionate about where their food comes from. It's also a great source of gluten-free peanut-filled pretzels, which is why you're here.

Deep dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter meld beautifully. Rich dark chocolate and salty pretzels achieve a gorgeous balance. Put all three together and it's basically the epitome of a luxurious snack. When the pretzels are sneakily constructed of root vegetables and ancient grain sorghum, you can expect remarkable layers of flavor that are not present in an overly processed pretzel.

BelliWelli Bars: Cinnamon Swirl

Not only are these gluten-free, but they're probiotic powerhouses wrapped up in a delicious dessert-like snack bar. BelliWelli, like Dalci, understands that gluten intolerances often extend far beyond just gluten, or just a stomach ache, and that's why there's the low-Fodmap snack bar. There are a whole host of issues that can plague someone who is gluten-free that causes them to avoid certain other inflammatory foods as well. Dairy-free, vegan, and free from the usual suspects that trigger IBS flare-ups, this snack is full of "probiotics in a brownie instead of a pill." And who doesn't want to take fewer pills?

Now, on to the important stuff, like the real hard-hitting question: Does it taste good? Yes, it does. Breaking away from simple brownies, BelliWelli tries marrying its winning brownie-like formula to a different dessert, the queenly cinnamon roll, all contained in a perfectly wrapped snack bar. Hungry between breakfast and lunch? How about a brunch snack? The cinnamon swirl tastes of spicy cinnamon and pleasant vanilla, plus creamy white chocolate chips that wink to the thick frosting on a breakfast bun. A website reviewer says, "There aren't enough words to describe how amazing it is," so if you thought gluten-free can't be delicious, you're thinking way too small!

Clio Chocolate Greek Yogurt Bars

Clio Greek Yogurt Bars are the most decadent way to eat this protein-packed food. You could get a cup of plain yogurt, or maybe try one with the added-sugar fruit on the bottom, and you'd be doing just fine. But, if you want to ditch the spoon and eat your yogurt like a chocolate bar, pick up one of these incredible products from the refrigerated section of your favorite grocery store. With flavors like Blueberry and Strawberry sealed tight in a casing of smooth dark chocolate, you'll be wondering why everyone doesn't always choose to eat their yogurt in this decadent fashion.

But for the full ice cream bar experience, try the one with chocolate-flavored yogurt all still wrapped in the chocolate coating. Somehow, this truffle-like bar contains a solid 8 grams of protein. Candy on the menu for a nutrient-dense breakfast? Candy as a snack that actually gives you lasting energy, not just a brief sugar high? It's now possible.

Every Body Eat Snack Thins: Chive and Garlic

While lots of products slip in a "certified gluten-free label" or can call themselves organic (which is all very good!), it's still a bit difficult to find something that's seriously for everyone. But these inclusive, aggressively allergen-free snacks from Every Body Eat were created to "share delicious food with the people we love – regardless of dietary restriction or preference. Every body has a seat at our table." Made in an ultra-allergen-free facility, a bag of these tasty crisps boldly lists every ingredient right on the front: brown rice flour, potato starch, extra virgin olive oil, hemp hearts, sea salt, garlic, onion, and chives.

Crunchy, flaky, and with hints of fruity olive oil coming through, these are perfect with cheese (or vegan cheese), dips, or straight from the bag. The primary recommendation here, though, is your favorite cream cheese spread. That's because the final four ingredients on the list just shout "bagel!" If your nuanced palate gravitates towards a garlic bagel or salt bagel sandwiching an exuberant schmear of chive and onion cream cheese, these crackers are all of the goodness but none of the gluten.

Late July Snacks: Sea Salt Dippers

If Late July Snacks aren't on your radar or in your pantry, you'd better fix that as soon as possible. Organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, peanut-free process and facility, 100 percent whole grain, kosher, no artificial anything, a fully recyclable bag, it's almost exhausting to think about how wholesome it is. But you know what you won't get tired of? These Sea Salt Dippers. Perfect for guac, salsa, sour cream, the works, they'll hold up under the cheesiest of dips and still steal the show from whatever's loaded on top. It's easy to crunch your way through the whole bag without a second thought, as with all the best snacks.

Tortilla chips have an appeal all their own thanks to that rustic corniness, and when in a fluted shape, they have all the more textural complexity that's the perfect base for any topping. The real nutty, sunny notes of corn come through in Late July Snacks thanks to the reverent treatment of the tiny ingredient list. The brand sends you into snack mode with a genteel signature: "Thanks for snacking with us!" You'll be thanking yourself for changing things up and swapping these in for your usual Tostitos.

Sweet Chaos Drizzled Popcorn: Coldstone Creamery Cake Batter

Popcorn is one of those phenomenal snacks for gluten-free individuals. Corn is naturally gluten-free fresh off the cob, and as long as other gluten ingredients aren't added later on, a corn-based snack is a safe snack. There is, however, a lot going on in this particular popcorn, and goodness knows it's delicious, but is it gluten-free? The answer is a resounding yes.

In this indulgent collaboration with Coldstone Creamery, Sweet Chaos takes its already delicious sweet and salty kettle corn popcorn and showers it with cake batter flavored drizzle, plus fun multicolored sprinkles. As it says on the bag, "it's a well-deserved sigh of pure relief — a delightful break in your day or, as we like to say, delightfully disruptive ... we can bring a little sweet to the chaos." While the packaging, messaging, and perfect taste are all light as a feather, the details are seriously reassuring: handmade non-GMO popcorn popped in coconut oil, certified gluten-free, free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and no corn syrup in sight.

Pamela's: Cinnamon Graham Style Crackers

Graham crackers are the foundation of a few amazing foods. You can't have a classic cheesecake without a buttery graham cracker crumble crust, or perfect summer s'mores built over a bonfire as the fireflies sparkle. But unfortunately, the basic, easily-attainable Nabisco graham crackers contain gluten, as well as most store brand versions. But you can still have your s'mores and cheesecakes when you pick up a box of Pamela's graham-style crackers and give them extra pizzazz with a dash of sweet and spicy cinnamon.

Made with real butter, brown sugar, molasses, honey, and cinnamon for flavor, plus an innovative array of gluten-free flours including brown rice flour, sorghum flour, and oat bran, these are leaps and bounds more delicious than the overly processed ones. A reviewer on the website agrees, "These are so flavorful. Like dessert in every bite. I love these and highly recommend them whether you are gluten-free or not," while another says simply, "Thank you." And with stepwise recipes for both s'mores and cheesecake crusts right on the back of the box, you're good to go wherever the baking mood takes you. Or just eat them plain dipped in milk, and get left with cinnamon-scented milk. Yum!

Jennie's: Organic Coconut Bites with Cacao Nibs and Dark Chocolate

Don't confuse these with another amazing lady, Jeni of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. Here, Jennie makes a different dessert, and we're focusing on these Organic Coconut Bites with Cacao Nibs and Dark Chocolate. But hey, if you want to eat these coconut bites alongside a pint of the Cold Brew Coconut Cream gluten-free ice cream, you're wise indeed. But that's a full-scale dessert right there. Meanwhile, all by themselves, Jennie's individually wrapped pieces of chewy coconut macaroon-like confections dipped in rich dark chocolate and dotted with more chocolate are an ideal snack at any time.

It's needless to say, at this point, that the snacks are gluten-free. But it might be worth noting that they're also made in a peanut-free facility, non-GMO, USDA organic, and utterly delicious. Sinking your teeth into one of these macaroons is a texture lover's dream. And you can have this decadent experience at work, on a picnic, or in the car since they're conveniently individually wrapped. No fridge necessary! Just be careful if you decide to store the bag on your bedside table. Bedtime snacking is absolutely approved, but you might find bits of coconut shreds on your sheets or streaks of dark chocolate on the pillow the next day. It's probably worth it, though, to finally find some gluten-free snacks you're obsessed with.