The Vegetarian Appetizer You Shouldn't Skip At Longhorn Steakhouse

If you're a vegetarian, steakhouses probably aren't your first option when it comes to dining out. But we've all had to eat at restaurants we might not usually go to, either for a friend's birthday dinner or a work meeting luncheon. The good news is that if you find yourself at Longhorn Steakhouse, a chain with nearly 550 locations across the U.S., you'll have delicious vegetarian-friendly options, including its appetizers.

Which appetizer should you order off the menu? Start with the white cheddar stuffed mushrooms. These delicious bites are fresh, roasted mushrooms that are hand stuffed with garlic herb cheese, topped with a Parmesan crust, and served on top of a four cheese sauce. (Yummy but obviously not for vegans or those with dairy sensitivities.)

According to its menu, the dish serves two and has a total of 730 calories and 60 grams of fat. That makes these cheesy-filled mushrooms a great option if you're a vegetarian, a mushroom lover, or just want to hold off on meat until your juicy grilled steak arrives.

More vegetarian options at Longhorn Steakhouse

Believe it or not, the vegetarian options don't stop there at Longhorn Steakhouse. In addition to those white cheddar stuffed mushrooms, the Texas Tonion, its version of a classic steakhouse fried onion appetizer, is also vegetarian. The dish is a basket of crispy fried onion petals served with a zesty, tangy dipping sauce. Just don't forget to ask your server if the kitchen uses the same fryers for everything, because if they do, you might risk cross-contamination with chicken tenders or other fried, meaty foods.

Craving something a little less cheesy and not so fried? Go with one of the chain's salads. You can order the strawberry and pecan side salad, which has juicy strawberries and creamy feta cheese. Other sides that fit the bill include crispy Brussels sprouts, baked potatoes, and steamed vegetables like broccoli and asparagus if you want to keep it simple.