The Roasting Tip To Give You The Crispiest Brussels Sprouts

It seems as if Brussels sprouts have made something of a comeback in recent years. Their days of sliminess have come and gone; making way for their hipper, and crispier, rebrand. Whether they're shaved into salads, topped on pizzas, or even wrapped in bacon — Brussels sprouts have made their resurgence and they aren't going anywhere. So, if you still haven't moved on from the smelly Brussels sprouts of your past, this roasting tip is a guaranteed way to get you on the bandwagon.

After all that Brussels sprouts have put you through, it's understandable if you're hesitant to trust them again. But rest assured, Brussels sprouts have changed, and they promise not stink up the house. When done right, roasted Brussels sprouts come out deliciously caramelized. Their deep brown flavor is complimented by gorgeously charred leaves that deliver a satisfying crunch, but this type of palatable growth doesn't come without a little effort on your part. With this easy tip, you'll get crispy Brussels sprouts every single time.

Preheat the pan

Much like achieving the perfect homemade pizza crust, preheating our pans ensures you achieve the char that sets crispy Brussels sprouts apart from their dark past. To avoid retraumatizing yourself, Kitchn advises that you preheat whichever pan you plan to use. By the time your oven has reached the recommended roasting temperature of 425 degrees Fahrenheit, your pans will be sizzling — the ideal situation for a crispy sprout. 

After you've carefully removed the hot pan from the oven, you can spread the pre-tossed, seasoned, oiled, and halved Brussels sprouts on the top. To get them as crispy as possible, place each Brussels sprout cut-side down on the pan (via Well Plated). The heat of the pan will instantly begin to sear the outsides of the Brussels sprouts, and once placed inside, the oven will do the roasting. The result? A perfectly charred, crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside batch of Brussels sprouts that will change the way you think of them for good.