For A Crunchy Twist On Scrambled Eggs, Add Croutons

Just because scrambled eggs is a known dish doesn't mean your breakfast and brunch presentations have to be predictable. Forgot to pick up a loaf of bread during your last trip to the supermarket? No problem. Instead of thinking your morning breakfast is doomed, look to elevate your plate of scrambled eggs with croutons. Though fluffy eggs are more often served on top of golden, toasted bread slices, get creative by flipping the equation and folding crunchy croutons into your eggs. The inverted style will deliver similar flavors of caramel toast and buttery eggs, and the textural contrast between the soft eggs and toasted croutons will start your morning on a high note. 

Once you've tried this creative presentation, you may find yourself experimenting with different flavors and varieties of croutons, crowning your next plate of eggs with croissant croutons and finishing the dish with sprinkles of freshly ground black pepper and herbs. 

A simple taste of home cooking

Crunchy croutons aren't simply for soup recipes and salad bars. These deliciously toasted pieces of salted, seasoned, and breaded goodness are ready to appear on the breakfast table and enter the brunch chat. Though it may require a bit of culinary open-mindedness to bite into this unique recipe, after the first mouthful, any skeptic will soon be converted.

The right combination of salty, savory store-bought croutons can complement your usual servings of eggs. However, if you're making croutons at home, you can decide whether to build sweeter notes with cinnamon and sugar or use sea salt and anchovy oil for a more offbeat savory option. When fresh out of the oven, warm croutons on top of a plate of fluffy scrambled eggs will deliver the kind of home cooking your family won't be able to get enough of, and any leftovers can be enjoyed as snacks or thrown into tonight's dinner for an added crunch.