The Trader Joe's Product That Transforms Croutons

Whether you're adding some texture to a salad or topping a soup, there is something so satisfying about the crunch of a crouton. Traditionally, croutons are made by using day-old bread and according to National Today, the very first croutons were made in France. Croutons are a wonderful way to give second life to stale bread but often, they can turn out a bit dense and hard, particularly if you're using a thicker-style bread. 

One way to get lighter and flakier croutons is to make them from croissants, per A Flavor Journal. Croissants are made with butter already so they're flakier than bread, which means you don't need to add extra butter or oil to your croutons before making them. If croissant croutons sounds delicious to you, but you don't have time to make them from scratch, we have good news: Trader Joe's has the perfect product.

A different kind of crouton

According to Trader Joe's website, their rosemary croissant croutons are here to take store bought croutons to the next level of tastiness. Because the dough is similar to a croissant dough (with a higher butter-fat content than normal bread) the resulting croutons are light and flakey. The addition of the rosemary flavor offers an aromatic herbaceousness that can make for a nice addition to the flavor profile of a classic grilled chicken Caesar salad, or a warm, comforting French Onion Soup (per Trader Joe's suggestion). 

If you're looking for a lighter crouton with good crunch factor and regular salad croutons are too dense for your liking, these croutons might scratch that itch. They might be especially effective if you're looking to up the wow-factor next time you make a salad or soup for a dinner party. Trader Joe's also suggests nibbling on them on their own as a light snack. 

You can try comparing them to these 15 brands of croutons ranked from worst to best and determine which is your favorite.