What Is Tiger's Blood Flavor And What Does It Taste Like?

If you've ever been out and about and seen a sign advertising Tiger's Blood, you may have been a little bit thrown. But rest assured, no animals are harmed in the making of this tasty flavor. Tiger's Blood is simply the name of a refreshing, tropical-tasting flavor that is a combination of watermelon, strawberry, and coconut.

While the origin of the concoction's strange name is clearly visible — the flavoring has a ruby red coloring that could be compared to its namesake — the roots of the flavor itself are far murkier. Depending on who you ask, Tiger's Blood could have originated as early as the 1940s or as late as the 1990s and was invented anywhere from Hawaii to Texas. Regardless of what the true story is, it's safe to say that its creation was a success as it remains incredibly popular across the country.

Ways to use Tiger's Blood in recipes

Tiger's Blood is typically procured in the form of flavored syrup and is traditionally served on top of or blended into a cold dessert. You're most likely to see it used in the making of snow cones or shaved ice, but there are more adventurous applications to try as well.

For example, you can stir some Tiger's Blood into a batch of no-churn ice cream for a unique and fruity outcome. If you happen to be of legal drinking age, adding some into a blender with ice, frozen fruit, and your favorite spirit would make for a delicious frozen cocktail. For the truly adventurous, there is no rule that says the syrup has to be used exclusively on chilled foods. Try using it to finish off a stack of tropical pancakes or substituting it in as an untraditional sweetener for your coffee or tea. As long as you're mindful of its powerful sweetness, the sky's the limit.