Why You Should Use A Nonstick Skillet When Cooking Eggs In A Basket

Eggs in a basket (aka, egg in a hole) is one of those incredibly simple yet delicious meals you can make at a moment's notice for breakfast. Some people even serve this for lunch or a light dinner, but really, it's all up to you because the ingredients you need are probably already in your kitchen — slices of bread, eggs, butter, and salt and pepper for seasoning. This is the kind of meal that can spruce up your day thanks to its cute and fun presentation. And it also helps that it's reasonably filling as well.

Once you have your ingredients assembled, grab your skillet and spatula and get ready to go. The skillet should be specifically a nonstick version, as this will ensure your eggs don't stick to the bottom of the vessel, and that way, you can easily lift the egg from the pan, flip it, and once cooked, slide it off from the pan onto your plate. Since the eggs won't stick, there's also less likelihood of burning them and ending up with sad-looking, charred eggs in a basket. And anyway, it's much easier to clean a nonstick pan without bits of food stuck to it.

Extra tips to prevent your eggs in a basket from sticking to the skillet

Basically, the reason for using a nonstick skillet is to prevent your eggs from sticking to the surface. But apart from having this ideal cooking surface, there are a couple of other tips that'll do the trick. For one, melting butter on the pan to start with also contributes to keeping your egg unattached to the base of the vessel. This same butter will also add flavor to the bread slice so you can enjoy a tastier egg-in-a-hole dish; it's a win-win.

Secondly, the stove's temperature is critical; ensure you dial down the heat and keep it at medium-low so your eggs don't stick to the pan and possibly burn. This low temperature will also allow your eggs to cook slowly and evenly, which is ideal for this recipe.

With that, you can now go ahead and confidently whip up this fun dish for your family's next meal. Enjoy.