The Egg-To-Flour Ratio You Need To Follow For Perfect Tagliatelle Pasta

While you may feel that you can play fast and loose when it comes to ratios and measurements for pasta, you really can't if you want to get the texture right, especially with something as traditional as tagliatelle. There are so many rules to follow for authentic tagliatelle that you need a metric ruler to make sure you're getting the width right. These specifications make tagliatelle a class of its own. And in order to make it perfect, you need the right egg-to-flour ratio.

There are two types of fresh pasta you can make. One is made with just semolina flour and water, while the other is made with flour and eggs. Tagliatelle is the latter variety. Signified by its rich texture and deep yellow color, tagliatelle is the perfect pairing for the iconic Ragù alla Bolognese. But in order to get that rich texture, you need to make sure you're adding one room-temperature egg for every 4 ounces of flour. If you're measuring your flour in grams, that's roughly 1 egg per 113 grams of flour. A typical recipe for pasta will call for between 11 to 12 ounces of flour, meaning you will need about four eggs to achieve the perfect tagliatelle.

More egg tips for perfect tagliatelle

While you've likely seen recipes calling solely for egg yolks, using whole eggs works for tagliatelle because it provides both richness and moisture. The whites provide the majority of the moisture, as they are about 90% water. They allow the dough to absorb liquid and keep the springy consistency you're looking for, so long as you don't add too much of them. Meanwhile, the yolks provide both protein and structure to the dough, giving it the firmness that allows the pasta to keep its shape. Both of these are important balances to strike with tagliatelle because it needs to be moist enough to be chewy and flexible, but strong enough to stand up to pasta sauce. 

So, by sticking to the recommended ratio of 1 egg per 4 ounces of flour, you are better able to strike that balance for the perfect consistency. This is the most important factor to consider when making tagliatelle, or indeed any pasta. If the texture is wrong, nothing else is going to matter.