The Unexpected Storage Method That Will Keep Onions Fresh

Onions can last a whopping three months in the fridge if stored properly. And while it's tempting to just throw them in a plastic bag or box, there's an unexpected, yet common, household item that is ideal for keeping your veggies in prime condition. It turns out that pantyhose aren't just good for keeping your legs covered — they also make excellent onion wrappers.

Why? Onions need to breathe to last a long time. They absorb moisture more readily than other produce items, so if you keep them in a Tupperware container or a zip-top plastic bag, they can start to spoil more quickly. In fact, the National Onion Association advises against wrapping onions in bags, since the reduced air circulation will begin to make them go bad. Pantyhose, with its tiny holes, allows enough room for air to get through to keep your veggies nice and dry. Plus, if you stack your onions in a pantyhose leg, you can easily hang them up and keep them out of the way. The only catch? The smell will catch on (and you'll be cutting them up), so you won't want to wear them again.

How to store your onions in pantyhose

Especially if you're going to stack your onions in a pantyhose leg, you're going to want to make sure they're completely dry first so that moisture doesn't get sandwiched between them. Then, cut the legs off of a (clean and dry) pair of pantyhose. If you're just storing one onion, you can do so quickly by placing it all the way at the bottom of a stocking leg and tying a knot above it. If you want to store multiple, however, repeat the process of sliding a veggie into the leg and tying a knot above it. Try to leave a little space above each onion before tying the knot so that they're not touching each other — and again, so they have a little more breathing room.

Once you've tied your final knot and don't have any room left, you've got the perfect contraption to hang on a hook or knob on your wall. Make sure to choose a room that is cool, dry, dark, and allows for air circulation. Even if you've positioned your veggies perfectly in your tights, a hot and humid area can still cause them to spoil. And if you don't have pantyhose, you can use a mesh bag in their place. But as long as you don't plan on wearing them again, a pair of stockings makes the perfect onion bag.