How Long Can You Store Chopped Onions In The Freezer?

Onions are a versatile vegetable that works well in soups, on sandwiches, or even on their own battered and deep fried. There are many different types of onion, and they each have their own flavor profiles. Some are sweeter, while others are more tangy. White onions are generally better for salsa and guacamole, states Masterclass, while yellow onions are ideal for caramelizing or making French onion soup.

Onions also have health benefits as they act as an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. This may help reduce cancer risks, aid in digestion, and improve bone health, reports Healthline. The site also states that onions also have been shown to lower blood sugar levels, are a great source of soluble fiber, and contain vitamins C, B9, B6, and potassium.

With all of these benefits, onions make for a great addition for many different dishes. If you are looking to save time on cooking, you can chop up some onions and store them in the freezer for easy access before a meal. Just be careful not to let them be forgotten — even frozen food can expire.

Save time and pre-chop

Chopping onions ahead of time to freeze can be a great meal prep strategy, and can help save time when you are cooking quick weeknight dinners. StillTasty suggests peeling and chopping the onions then placing them in an airtight container, freezer bag, or wrapped in aluminum foil to freeze and store. The site also notes that you can separate the onions into smaller sections, making it easier to break off the exact amount you need for each recipe. As an added bonus, using pre-chopped onions will prevent you from shedding so many tears while cooking!

Once your onions have been frozen, StillTasty advises that they should be thawed and used within eight months for the best freshness. Once your onion has gone bad, EatingWell states that there is no salvaging them and that it is better to toss them into the trash. The site reports that bad onions will smell rotten or sulfuric, and may have green or brown mold growing on them.

While freezing is definitely an option, make sure to pay attention to how long they have been in your freezer prior to using.