Hot Ones Partners With Grubhub To Open Its First Delivery Pop Up In NYC

In celebration of the premiere of the hit YouTube series' 300th episode, "Hot Ones" is launching its very first delivery pop-up to give New Yorkers a chance to try its famous lineup of chicken wings and hot sauces. Beginning June 29, diners in select locations have the chance to take the hot seat in the comfort of their own homes. The pop-up delivery menu offers diners the selection of six or 12-piece wings and spicy chicken or plant-based chicken sandwiches in addition to three spicy flavors that have been tried and tested over the course of the show's current season: Los Calientes Rojo, The Classic Chili Maple, and The Classic Garlic Fresno.

Diners will also have the option to add french fries and their choice of a drink to their order, making their at-home "Hot Ones" experience into a meal. You can't do spicy without sweet, however, so that also includes the choice to add a dessert. The pop-up menu offers diners the choice to offset the heat with an Apple Fritter topped with sweet milk — but real fans will know that a carafe of milk almost always makes an appearance on the "Hot Ones'" table for the same purpose. Still, this collaboration is a celebratory one, and every celebration calls for dessert. With eight years and 300 episodes of the series under its belt, First We Feast is excited to bring this long-anticipated "Hot Ones" experience directly to its fans.

Hot Ones' first pop-up virtual restaurant

"For years, fans have asked to try the iconic 'Hot Ones' menu for themselves, and we can't wait to bring the heat straight to their doors through our collaboration with Mealco's virtual restaurant technology for this epic milestone," says First We Feast General Manager Chris Schonberger in a press release. Mealco is a food-tech startup based in New York with a mission to "democratize the restaurant industry," per the release. Featured in Time's list of the Best Innovations of 2022, Mealco works with restaurant businesses to streamline their operations — providing the technology needed to make the most of the demanding digital food delivery sector. "Hot Ones" is just one of the 250 restaurants Mealco has worked with since its founding in 2019.

Available only on Grubhub, the "Hot Ones" menu is available for delivery. Items are available for a limited time each day based on supply, with differing hours depending on the location — so order while you can! Lucky diners in select locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens can order today, while the rest of you "Hot Ones" fans can look forward to additional locations being announced soon.