Grillo's And Newks Release Limited Edition Pickle Hot Sauce

A vinegar-based hot sauce is a winning condiment for countless dishes, with the balanced combination of heat and acid working wonders on your food. With this iconic combo in mind, it makes sense someone would realize briny pickles added to hot sauce would also be a good idea. Now, the theory is getting tested with the release of a brand new offering from Newks, a Portland, Oregon-based company known for boutique hot sauces, and Grillo's Pickles, the cult pickle brand that began humbly with a single vendor cart in the streets of Boston. This tart and spicy crossover has led to the creation of the limited edition Newks Dill Pickle Hot Sauce. 

Straddling the line between hot sauce and pickle relish, Newks' Dill Pickle Hot Sauce comes complete in a 5-ounce bottle. The pickle-forward ingredients listed are dill, garlic, cucumbers, pickle brine, and, of course, chopped-up Grillo's Pickles. Bringing the heat is a combination of habanero and jalapeño peppers. Still, on the spice spectrum, it's on the milder side, letting the tangy flavor of the pickles shine through. 

Two fan favorite brands in one pickle hot sauce

As for pairing recommendations, Newks suggests you use this new condiment on the likes of hamburgers, hot dogs, fried fish sandwiches, and eggs. On the vegetarian side, the brand claims the hot sauce will be a delightful topper for pickled vegetables, falafel, and salads. Its acidic spice would also be welcome in marinades, vinaigrettes, and even stirred into a creamy soup. 

This marks yet another collaboration between Grillo's Pickles and other food companies to create a uniquely pickle-flavored product. The company has previously teamed up with Two Robbers to produce a dill pickle hard seltzer, Ithaca Hummus to make a pita-ready pickle dip, and Utz Potato Chips for a similarly briny chip flavor. 

The hot sauce is available for a limited time at select retailers in the Northwestern states of Washington and Oregon and the Northeast outlier of Maine. You can also purchase Newks Dill Pickle Hot Sauce online for $15.