At Perry's Steakhouse, The Famous Roasted Pork Chops Reign Supreme

If you're a meat eater, the stack of pork chops served at Perry's Steakhouse and Grille may get your mouth watering. The order you'll get at this chain steakhouse, with locations spread across 8 states, isn't a typical presentation of pork chops. When brought to tables, the stack of meat measures seven fingers high, just like butchers used to measure the size of their cuts many years ago. Standing tall at nearly 6 inches, at least two diners will need to get ready to dig into this beast — and it isn't just the size of the meat that is worth a mention. It takes several days to get these pork chops ready, and the smoking process can last the better part of a day before the hunk is ready to be roasted. Whether it is the special seasoning used to flavor the pork chops or the rotisserie of pecan wood, these chops have rightfully earned a serious reputation.

The cooks at Perry's have passed down secrets and seasonings across four decades, rubbing pork chops with spices and curing meat to perfection until each serving is ready to be smoked slowly to caramelization. Once the tender dish is removed from the oven, each plate is topped with garlic herb butter and brought to diners' tables to be carved by a team member.

Prepare to dig into substantial servings of meat

The cooks at Perry's locations start by separating massive mounds of pork chops into three sections, first the eyelash, then the loin, and finally, the ribs. Tableside, the waitstaff carves the topmost, juiciest portion of the chops, the meat right about the eye of the chop. The loin is sliced next, followed by the final cut of the ribs. When served during Friday lunch hours, orders of Perry's pork chops are accompanied by creamy whipped potatoes and homemade applesauce. And for diners with heavy appetites, pork chops can be served with an assortment of substantial sides like creamed spinach, Brussels sprouts, vegetables, and mac and cheese.  

Those unable to finish their plates can bring leftovers home and use Perry's suggestions to make dinners with the takeaways so that the hearty meal can be enjoyed again the next day. Don't live anywhere near Perry's? A 32-ounce frozen and fully cooked version of the pork chops dish can be sent to your doorstep so you can dig in at home.