The Starbucks Set In A Historic Warehouse Along Japan's Hakodate Bay

Coffee-loving travel enthusiasts have some interesting itineraries planned out thanks to impressive Starbucks locations all around the world. Whether marveling at artwork or sampling unique seasonal recipes found only in specific countries, Starbucks stores can keep explorers fully engaged. In Japan, Starbucks' regional stores have been designed with local history and traditions in mind, and the stores themselves have set out to deliver modern coffee culture while simultaneously honoring days of the past.

In the port city of Hakodate in Japan's Hokkaido region in the north, one Starbucks location is placed in a restored early 20th-century building that is part of the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse district. Hakodate was one of Japan's first international trading ports, and the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse was the area's first commercial warehouse. This collection of buildings has been renovated and converted into restaurants and shops, and the two-story Starbucks is ready to keep visitors fueled for busy days of recreation and business — or easy days relaxing with a warm cup of joe.

A historic environment for a Starbucks coffee

Though the building features industrial details and large, glass windows, the Hakodate Bay Starbucks is imbued with rustic old-world charm thanks to its lumber exterior and original wooden-paneled flooring. On the top floor, an outdoor patio offers visitors views of Hakodate Bay, and a fire pit keeps guests warm during colder seasons. 

The original warehouses date back to 1887, but a fire resulted in a rebuild in 1909, and the collection of buildings that make up the warehouse district have remained ever since. In addition to the Starbucks store, the complex boasts a chapel, beer hall, and various souvenir stores for visitors to browse and take a piece of Hakodate history home with them. 

Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse district and Hakodate certainly have enough to offer to keep any tourist busy for the day, but with nearly 30 landmark Starbucks stores throughout Japan, caffeine-loving travelers may have a full schedule of stores to visit and explore. Either way, skip your usual Starbucks order while you're there and grab a green tea Frappuccino or a honey marron latte  instead )depending on the season), then linger just long enough to refuel before heading off to your next planned destination, whether that's in Hakodate or beyond.