Starbucks Japan's New Purple Sweet Potato Frappuccino Is Just In Time For Halloween

Starbucks loves to celebrate seasons with limited edition drinks — like the iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte for fall and a variety of holiday drinks including the Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte. The same is true of the coffee chain's international locations and Starbucks Japan is no stranger to celebrating with exclusive new offerings. As the latest release to celebrate Halloween this year, Starbucks Japan is using purple sweet potatoes as the main ingredient to create a sweet, unique drink for the spooky season. 

Purple sweet potatoes are known not just for their unique appearance, but also for their health benefits. WebMD states that the beta-carotene in purple sweet potatoes could help reduce the risk of cancer and could be beneficial for eye health. The root vegetables are also packed full of antioxidants called anthocyanins, which boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. Making this new Starbucks drink not only pretty to look at but potentially good for you too.

Celebrate with this spooky sip

Starbucks Japan has released a spooky, sweet new treat on its menu for Halloween. The Purple Halloween Frappuccino lives up to its name with its vibrant purple appearance and is available now at Starbucks' Japan locations. The frappuccino blends a purple sweet potato powder with milk and adds a vanilla sauce also made from purple sweet potatoes for a lightly sweet flavored drink (via Starbucks Japan). For a sugary finish, the drink is topped off with whipped cream. 

The coffee company states that the sweet potato flavor blends perfectly with the vanilla. It also recommends trying the drink with some chocolate sauce or almond milk, if you're up for a little customization. Unfortunately for international customers, this frappuccino is currently only available at Japanese Starbucks locations. For those in Japan, a tall size retails for ¥690, but be quick if you want to try this treat. The drink will be available through October 31 while supplies last, but some locations have already sold out!