Starbucks' Fall Chestnut Frappuccino That's Only Available In Japan

Why is Starbucks so popular? Does it have to do with the wildly successful pumpkin spice latte? Perhaps all the credit should go to the adorable cake pops on display. The answer probably lies in its extensive and customizable drink selections, as well as the curiosity that fans have for international Starbucks locations.

Such locations offer very different beverages that you won't find in the United States. For instance, Thailand offers the highly-caffeinated triple-coffee jelly frappuccino, which consists of coffee frappuccino, coffee jelly cubes, and whipped cream flavored with espresso. Taiwan is a fan of iced drinks and utilizes aloe, prickly pears, and ruby grapefruits for fruity flavors. If you're having a bad day, just fly over to South Korea, where you'll be treated to a unique drink like the happy cheese white mocha, per Insider.

You may think that matcha and sakura blossoms reign supreme in Starbucks locations across Japan, but we'll bet you don't know about the marrone cassis frappuccino that's only available for 20 days out of the year.

A drink starring chestnuts and blackcurrant

According to Starbucks, the marrone cassis frappuccino is a flavor explosion of chestnuts, blackcurrants, and coffee. It was available from September 1 to September 20, 2022, at all Starbucks locations in Japan, per Japan Wireless.

"Marrone cassis" is meant to roughly translate into "chestnuts and blackcurrants" in English. Black currants are packed with tannins and taste like a cross between grapes and cherries. Their flavors are assertive, earthy, and tart, which adds some interesting fruity elements to the cold drink, per the Planet Natural Research Center. Chestnuts, on the other hand, often taste better when they're cooked or roasted.

A review of the drink published in Gigazine reveals that it contains marron sauce and red cassis sauce, mixed together with blended coffee. It is then topped with whipped cream and chopped chestnuts. The reviewer described the flavors as a mix of sweet and sour. The sweetness was not overpowering, while the sourness seemed to "disappear" fairly quickly. Overall, the drink is a celebration of the fall season in Japan, and we can only hope that it becomes available around the world one day.