Mangonada Is The Spicy Blended Drink Beloved In Mexico

Over the years, you've likely developed a favorite go-to summer drink that you always enjoy during the hotter months, whether it's a frozen blackberry lemonade, a virgin piña colada, or a strawberry daiquiri. While these icy beverages are refreshing options for those sweltering summer days, you might begin to feel a bit tired of them as the season wears on. So, if you're looking to spice up your evening routine just in time for your annual BBQ or family pool party, we recommend blending up a crowd-pleasing sweet and spicy mangonada – a frozen treat made with mango sorbet and chamoy, typically topped or rimmed with chili powder

The appeal of this drink is right in the name: mangos. There is no better fruit to bite into when the sun is out, as they're sweet, plump, and tender. These blended drinks once flew under the radar, only available in local joints in Mexico. However, they've since taken off in popularity with endless recipes that can be enjoyed right on your own back deck. You'll only need a few ingredients, and in just 10 minutes you'll have the perfect refreshment to sip on.

Ingredients in mangonada

There are a few variations, but the main ingredients remain tried and true with fresh or frozen mango as the base. Frozen mango adds a juicy sweetness and some additional sugar is usually added in. If you want to elevate the fruitiness, mix in mango nectar or mango juice for a more concentrated flavor. Other tropical fruit juices, such as pineapple, guava, and passionfruit can add in layers of complexity. In addition, a squirt of freshly-squeeze lime juice is the perfect contrast to these ultra-sweet ingredients. 

If you want to give it a boozy boost, rum or tequila are excellent choices. You can also experiment with other liquors, like vodka or schnapps in place of the fruit juice. Finally, the garnishes are what make this frozen drink stand out visually and in taste: swirls of chamoy layered with the mango puree brings the perfect kick while the Tajín rim's spicy and citrusy notes round out the sweetness from the beverage. Just be careful not to overdo either if you're not a fan of heat. Luckily, all these ingredients are easy to find at your local grocery store, so stock up and get blending.

How mangonada is made and enjoyed

The first step to make this drink is to throw your mango chunks into a blender. Using frozen mango is best to achieve the desired consistency, and you can either prepare them yourself or buy them in a pre-frozen bag from the grocery store. Add in some water to help your blender do its job along with sugar, lime juice, and any other juices you prefer. Blend the ingredients, and once everything is mostly combined, you can add in your alcohol of choice. Of course, you can skip this step if you're opting for a mocktail variation. Once the drink has taken on a completely smooth, slushy-like texture, it is ready to be poured out into glasses.

Prep your glasses by rimming them with chamoy and Tajín. You can also smear some chamoy on the inside of the glasses with a spoon for an aesthetic flair. Pour in your beverage, with the the option to layer drizzles of chamoy as you go, top your glasses with an extra sprinkling of Tajín, and slide in a tamarind candy straw to complete this sweet, tangy, and spicy beverage. Now you can sip on fresh mangonadas to your heart's content all summer long.