Mash Canned Cannellini Beans For A Dairy-Free Soup Thickener

Cream is often the go-to choice when a cook is looking to make a soup richer and thicker. Other dairy products, such as cheese or sour cream, can also help improve the consistency of soup. Not everyone is a fan of dairy, however, and some avoid it for dietary or health concerns. When you're looking to make soup for a dinner or event, you want to make something that all of your guests can enjoy. But not to worry — there's another way to add body to your soup without having to use dairy products. In fact, you probably already have this canned magic ingredient sitting in your pantry right now.

One can of cannellini beans could be your passport to a thick and delicious soup. These wondrous white beans, also known as white kidney beans, play a starring role in many traditional recipes, such as classic pasta e fagioli or ribollita, a Tuscan soup. With a little bit of alteration, these beans can be a great dairy-free way to thicken up any dish.

Add cannellini beans for nutrition and variety

It's remarkable just how easy it is to use cannellini beans to thicken a soup. Simply pour some of the beans into a bowl and mash them up — it's that easy. You don't even need to drain the beans. The mashed beans with their liquid form a thick paste that works as a great milk substitute. Try adding it to some of your favorite soups that need an extra boost of flavor or creaminess — from the ever-popular cream of tomato to the summer classic corn chowder. For seafood lovers, these beans could work wonders in a lobster bisque.

Not only does swapping out cannellini beans for the cream eliminate dairy from your dish, it also changes its nutritional profile as well. These little gems are packed with protein and fiber, making your soup pack more of a punch. The beans can also be used to make delicious sauces as well as soups. Combine mashed beans with some sauteed garlic and fresh herbs, and you've got a quick and easy vegan pasta sauce.