Why You Should Always Have Canned Beans In Your Pantry

Beans are super good for your heart. The more you eat, the more you'll — love them! Ranging in color, shape, size and flavor, the types of beans are plentiful. Whether you prefer black beans over cannellini or have a soft spot for navy beans rather than chickpeas, the great thing about beans is that any variety can be found in the supermarket either dried or canned. Curious to know why you should always stock your pantry with canned beans? 

Martha Stewart notes that beans are typically blanched and sealed in aluminum cans with water and salt, which helps the beans retain their shape and color, before being cooked under steam pressure. That's why when you open a can of beans, you'll see a starchy liquid called aquafaba, which can be used as a vegan baking ingredient. But that isn't the only reason why canned beans should always line your shelves.

A quick, hearty, and versatile ingredient

Cooking dried beans can be time-consuming and can become a hassle once you factor in the time needed to soak and cook beans. It's quite possible that 10 hours will have passed by the time the process is over. This is why Food Network praises the humble can of beans as a pantry staple.

Ready in an instant, canned beans can be quickly added to virtually any dish whether it be salads, chili, stews, or even dessert hummus, per Food & Wine. Keeping a few cans on hand can also prove useful should a vegan friend stop by for lunch unexpectedly.

Plus, there's also no need to worry about price or shelf life as beans are often super inexpensive and, in the case of canned beans, may last up to 5 years, reports FoodSafety.gov. But, that's not all. According to Healthline, they offer the same nutritional value as dried beans, but their sodium levels tend to be higher. This is why you should always give canned beans a rinse before using.