Domino's New Pinpoint Delivery Reaches Locations Without An Address

Imagine this common scenario: You desperately need a supreme pizza — and maybe some wings — to satisfy your hunger, but you're not near a pizza place, your home or a friend's house, or at your office. You're, say, at a public park at sunset. So how do you get your order delivered? Well, if it's Domino's you've called, they can satisfy your needs almost anywhere with the launch of Pinpoint Delivery, the company announced in a press release

When ordering through the Domino's app, a customer simply needs to drop a pin of their location on a map and meet the delivery person near that spot to get their food. "We're always striving to make customers' experiences even better and more convenient, and Domino's Pinpoint Delivery does exactly that," explains Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino's senior vice president and chief digital officer.

To further help facilitate "anywhere" delivery, customers can track the Domino's delivery person using the app to ensure that they locate each other with ease and while the food is fresh and hot. Domino's also sends out a message when the delivery person reaches the location of the pin just in case the customer and delivery person are having trouble locating one another.

Anywhere means anywhere

Domino's — which has undergone a remarkable transformation since 2009 — has been an industry leader in ordering innovation and promotional tactics. Recently the company announced that it has partnered with Apple to allow customers to order using the tech company's CarPlay function via Domino's iPhone app. The move lets customers more expeditiously place their orders and automatically links them to their local Domino's store or one that is near their location. The chain also sought to promote carry-out by "tipping" customers with a $3 coupon good toward their next purchase when they came to the store to retrieve their order.

Pinpoint Delivery isn't altogether new to Domino's. The company and master franchisee in Australia launched Domino's Anywhere in 2017 which allowed customers to do exactly what Pinpoint Delivery does. The feature has been a hit with customers in that country, but has led to Domino's delivery personnel bringing pizzas to some truly unexpected places, including a boat, a hospital, an airport, a construction "cherry picker," and the seat of the national legislature, Parliament House, reports Australia's