Domino's Will Once Again Tip Customers For Choosing Carry-Out

It may be worth it to skip the delivery and pick up your next pizza directly from Domino's. While the convenience of a delivered pie is hard to resist, the promise of receiving cash back for delivering your own 'za certainly sweetens the deal. This is why, in the ultimate reversal of roles, Domino's has just announced that it will once again be introducing "customer tipping" — but what exactly can hungry customers expect?

Our communal love of pizza isn't a fluke. Instead, we flock to the cheesy, salty disks of baked dough because of biology. Hardwired to crave rich, fatty, and complex foods, The Washington Post explains that pizza is the ideal amalgamation of these components. It also boasts ingredients that contain glutamate, which can excite taste buds. Of course, as a pie bakes, the caramelization and browning from the Maillard reaction add to its appeal. However alluring a homemade slice may be, though, there's just something about ordering a pizza that remains unmatched.

Allowing for the ultimate expression of casual comfort, opting for delivery is a hassle-free option when it comes to ordering pizza. However, it pays (quite literally) sometimes to pick up the pie — this is the case when you order from Domino's.

Get $3 back when you pick up your pizza

"We know the effort it takes to get up and leave the house in pursuit of a hot, delicious carry-out pizza," said Christopher Thomas-Moore, Domino's senior vice president of customer and store experience. This is precisely why the pizza chain has vowed to show its gratitude by giving faithful customers a special perk in the form of a "tip."

In a recent press release, the brand shared that all carry-out customers will receive a $3 coupon code to use on their next order. Valid now through March 26, 2023, Domino's explains that the tip can be combined with any other take-home offer, so long as the coupon is used for orders placed the following week with a minimum purchase of over $5 (before taxes).

Upon seeing success in its first carry-out campaign earlier this year, Domino's explained that customers have collectively redeemed over 17 million tips. If you're wondering how that can be lucrative, you're not alone. By launching a cheeky marketing strategy that allows customers to swap places with delivery drivers, Domino's tackles the driver shortage issue. This is all while attracting repeat customers with a $3 cash-back incentive. Will you trade convenience for cash and make the effort to "tip" yourself?