Keep Black Bean Burgers Together With An Easy Avocado Addition

Black bean burgers are the ultimate veggie burgers for any weeknight dinner or backyard barbecue. They have a tender texture and umami flavor that will satisfy even the pickiest eater, and the patties are also packed with protein and fiber from the legumes. However, they can be fussy if you don't use a good binder in your recipe — that's why we recommend adding avocado to your next black bean burger.

A binder is the ingredient in a veggie patty that holds it together — eggs and breadcrumbs are common examples. Select too runny of a binder, and your burgers will end up mushy. Use too dry of one, and your burgers will crumble before they ever hit the bun. Mashed avocado works as an ideal binder in black bean burgers because its creaminess adds moisture to your burger while still providing enough structure to avoid an overly wet or slimy outcome. It's also a great option when you are cooking for guests with dietary restrictions, as it contains neither animal products or gluten.

Incorporating avocado into your burger

When adding avocado in your veggie burger recipe, you will want to substitute it in place of the binding ingredient listed in the existed recipe. For example, ¼ of a medium-sized avocado can take the place of one egg. If you are building your own original recipe, use no more than ½ an avocado per cup of black beans in order to achieve the right texture.

Seek out ripe avocados if you'd like to make your patties right away. You can tell when an avocado is ripe when its skin is dark green and the flesh gives slightly under pressure. For burgers you plan to make in a few days, shop ahead for light green, hard avocados and let them ripen on your counter. After three or four days, they should be ready to use. 

No matter how you enjoy your black bean burgers, you can rest easy knowing they'll hold together and cook evenly thanks to your new secret weapon: the humble avocado.