16 Best Veggie Burgers In America

Veggie burgers are nothing new in America, but their popularity has increased dramatically in recent years. In years past, most veggie burgers were typified as bland hockey pucks of mushrooms and black beans, bound together by mystery ingredients best left unsaid. Nowadays, things are a bit different. Once menu rarities, they've become as commonplace in restaurants as regular burgers, from high-end chef-driven concepts to quick-service and fast food. Companies like plant-based Impossible Foods continue to experience enormous growth and omnipresence and are met with such crowd-pleasing success that colossal companies like Burger King have expanded their meat-free offerings. 

The nationwide appetite for plant-based burgers is only growing, with the market share expected to reach $14.9 billion by 2027, notes Globe News Wire, and delivery apps like DoorDash and GrubHub reporting orders for veggie burgers increasing by 433% and 362%, respectively (via Impossible Foods).

Beyond delivery and grocery stores, restaurants are rising to the in-demand occasion too, offering unique house-made veggie burgers made with flavorful and unique ingredient alternatives enticing enough to lure the meatiest carnivore. While the demand for beef burgers will never fade, there's room in the market share for much more. By investing considerable energy and creativity into menu items, rather than adding them as an obligatory afterthought, restaurants are beckoning a bold new era for vegan and vegetarian cooking, with burgers front and center. For proof, check out these epic veggie burgers, all scratch-made and wholly distinct, from restaurants across America.

Mushroom Burger - Castle Hot Springs in Morristown, Arizona

It doesn't get any fresher — or more wholesome — than a veggie burger made from farm-fresh ingredients picked that day. At Castle Hot Springs in Morristown, Arizona, a glam oasis in the Sonoran Desert, most of the ingredients for Harvest restaurant and Bar 1896 are plucked right from the property's on-site farm and gardens. Helmed by a team of agronomists, who grow more than 150 ingredients, the farm lends itself well to an above-and-beyond mushroom burger by chef John Amann.

Designed as a way to showcase the resort's new mushroom program, while also offering a meat-free alternative that's hearty and flavorful, the chef collects the mushrooms himself, a mix of king trumpets and oyster mushrooms that are hearth-roasted to imbue with a heady smokiness. Toppings, too, are farm-fresh, including petite lettuces and crispy jalapeños, all adorned with house-made barbecue sauce for a tinge of sweetness. A little sweet, a little smoky, and a little spicy, the farm-fresh creation is served on a fluffy Parker House bun.

Lerm Burger - The Plot in Oceanside, California

Rich with distinct flavors like sweet potato, lion's mane mushroom, and Korean barbecue, the Lerm Burger at The Plot sets itself apart. The Oceanside restaurant is 100% zero-waste and plant-based, with almost all protein alternatives made in-house, and scrap ingredients used to make things like ketchup with beet skins. That rigorously scratch-made, sustainable ethos is particularly prominent in the Lerm Burger.

Made by executive chef Davin Waite, patties are made with a blend of meaty lion's mane mushrooms, roasted yams for a tinge of sweetness, and three types of beans: pinto, black, and garbanzo. Oats and wild rice are added to lend texture — oats give the patty a crispy exterior when cooked, while the rice traps moisture inside and ensures a toothsome chew. Once off the griddle, burgers are topped with Korean barbecue sauce and a vibrant avocado-cabbage slaw, then served on fluffy oat milk buns locally sourced from Hokkaido Bread Company. Rounding it all out is a side of house-made fries with beet scrap ketchup, for a zero-waste vegan spin on an Americana comfort food feast.

Un-Beetable Burger - Flourish Plant-Based Kitchen in Portland, Oregon

In a city like Portland, Oregon, where vegetarian and vegan food is a prominent part of the foodie landscape (per Travel Portland), quality veggie burgers are a dime a dozen, so it takes a singular version to stand out — like the beet-based beauty served at Flourish Plant-Based Kitchen, where all menu items are made from scratch using entirely vegan ingredients to recreate familiar comfort fare.

It's all about environmentally friendly, plant-based, and scratch-made vegetarian comfort food at this cute food truck on a brewery patio at St. Johns Beer Porch. The star attraction on the meat-free and sustainably minded menu are the Un-Beetable Burger, a vibrant dish made with an earthy and unctuous beet-lentil-walnut patty that's topped with garlic aïoli, fresh greens, herby chimichurri, pickles, and fried shallots for a bit of crunch. It's all heaped on a toasted bun and ooey-gooey cashew mozzarella is an optional add-on that you should definitely opt into.

Beet & Walnut Burger - Graze in Madison, Wisconsin

Far beyond fast-casual restaurants and meatless food trucks, veggie burgers have become familiar fodder at upscale chef-driven restaurants as well, especially at the type of restaurant that prioritizes farm-to-table cooking, vegetable-packed patties are an apt way to exhibit true innovation and ingenuity. Case in point: Graze restaurant in Madison, from local star chef Tory Miller.

The beloved restaurant is renowned for its seasonal, locally sourced small plates and intricate entrees, like heirloom tomatoes with sweet corn and rigatoni with eggplant, chèvre, and basil pesto, all made with ingredients sourced from area farms. The same is true of its stunner of a veggie burger, a beet- and a walnut-formed patty that serves as a nutty and earthy base for a heap of crisp cucumbers, red onions, arugula, feta cheese, lemon Greek yogurt, and oregano vinaigrette on a brioche bun. Altogether, it's a veggie burger that sings of bright Mediterranean flavors made with the best Midwest ingredients.

Bombay Veggie Burger - Bindaas Bowls and Rolls in Washington, D.C.

Without leaning on meat for the bulk of the flavor, veggie burgers can serve as a blank canvas for a world of texture, spice, and taste. A prime example is the Bombay Veggie Burger at Bindaas Bowls and Rolls in D.C., where chef Vikram Sunderman takes the meat-free mainstay across the globe for an Indian-influenced interpretation like no other.

Inspired by an Indian street food staple called vada pav, a burger-like potato patty, per the Times of India, that the chef grew up eating in Mumbai, the burgers are made with a veggie-packed patty of carrots, beetroot, cauliflower, corn, green peas, potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger, green chili, and curry leaf. Once formed, the fragrant patties are grilled on the Tawa, a traditional Indian pan used for cooking flatbread, notes Mishry, and served with pao — otherwise known as pav, they're spongy rolls common in Mumbai, says Ruchik Randhap. Here, they're cut in half, toasted with butter, and coated with mint and cilantro chutney before being topped with the veggie burgers, a sprinkle of dry garlic chutney, and a sliced pickled jalapeño.

Veggie Burger - Woodford F&B in Portland, Maine

Rooted in rustic, soulful American cuisine, with an emphasis on local sourcing and New England seasonality, Woodford Food & Beverage is an apt place to sink your teeth into one of the most wholesome and satisfying veggie burgers in the nation. Located in Woodfords Corner, this neighborhood charmer is a fan favorite for Maine lobster, smoked trout mousse, roast chicken, and prime Angus steak, but don't overlook the highly intentional veggie burger, layered with flavor and craft.

Patties are made with black-eyed peas and black beans, hearty winter squash, white and brown rice, and cremini mushrooms. Crisped over high heat on the grill, the golden-brown burgers are tucked into a toasted custom brioche bun from Norimoto Bakery, topped with a bright, crunchy cabbage and carrot slaw, and dressed with house-made pickles, vegan mayonnaise, and house-made tamarind barbecue sauce for a condiment that toes the line between sour and smoky. All sandwiched together, you've got a meat-free burger that's at once tangy, spiced, nutty, and rich with umami, served with a pile of spiced fries.

Hello Burger - Beet Box Cafe in Haleiwa and Kailua, Hawaii

Organic plant-based comfort food is the name of the game at The Beet Box Cafe, a sunny, wholesome fixture open for breakfast and lunch, with locations in Haleiwa and Kailua. Bright and cheery, each cute cafe gets produce delivered frequently throughout the week, to ensure the utmost in flavor and freshness. Along with a bevy of colorful açaí bowls, toasts, and banana oat pancakes, lunch is prime time for veggie burgers.

Of the meat-free midday offerings, the Hello Burger is a menu mainstay — and a showcase for the cafe's namesake ingredient, featuring lustrous patties made with beets. Fresh off the grill and crispy, the magenta-tinged burgers are layered with garlic aïoli, Dijon mustard, baby arugula, pickled onions, and sliced cucumbers on a toasted whole-bean bun. The burgers are crunchy, creamy, and tasty on their own, or diners can opt for a variety of add-ons, like feta, goat cheese, vegan cheese, egg, and even veggie bacon.

Classic Butcher's Burger - The Butcher's Daughter in New York City and Los Angeles

Don't be misled by the name; the only butchering being done at The Butcher's Daughter, a restaurant, cafe, and juice bar with locations in New York City and Los Angeles, is of vegetables. The self-described "vegetable slaughterhouse" takes a butcher-like approach to its entirely plant-based menu, slicing and dicing fresh produce for fresh juices, salads, pizzas, pasta, curries, and more — including a particularly superlative veggie burger.

Each location offers slight variations on its veggie burgers, but the Classic Butcher's Burger at the Venice location in California stands out for its use of unexpected surf and turf. Available on the daytime menu, it features a patty made with beet and ground kelp, which lends a potent salinity and balances beets' innate earthiness with a taste of the sea. The burgers are topped with tomato, arugula, caramelized onions, heady harissa mayo, and gruyere cheese on a Dijon-infused brioche bun for added tang.

Romesco - The Burger Stand in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico

In a city and state renowned for its green chile cheeseburgers, the casual and humble-looking Burger Stand — with locations in Santa Fe and Taos — stands out for its intensively house-made menu, from chipotle-cocoa ketchup to truffle butter fries cooked in duck fat. The meaty burgers, made with top-ground Angus, are some of the best in New Mexico but don't overlook the killer veggie options as well.

In addition to Impossible patties, which are here heaped with charred onions and squash, scratch-made options include the zesty romesco. Lentils form the foundation of the meatless patties, grilled and adorned with a medley of feta cheese, toasted almonds, crunchy green beans, and roasted red pepper sauce. A stark departure from green chile cheeseburgers found on menus all over Santa Fe and Taos, it's a distinct mashup of textures and flavors, from the salty oomph of feta and innate nuttiness of the lentils to the sweet smokiness of the red pepper finish.

Veggie Burger - Red Rooster in Oklahoma City

Decked out like a hip, modern tavern, in a historic brick-clad building in the Paseo Arts District, Oklahoma City's Red Rooster is the kind of idyllic neighborhood restaurant that becomes a fixture for locals — the type of comforting go-to where diners can mosey up to the bar for clean comfort food made from locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and scratch-made snacks, sandwiches, and dishes, including a standout veggie burger that gives its beefy menu cohort a run for its money.

Hearty and hefty, the beet and black bean creation is a thick patty that manages to be meaty without meat. Piled up on a buttery bun dotted with poppy seeds, the burgers are sandwiched with a generous smear of zesty Dijon, avocado wedges, and grilled onions for a dose of caramelized sweetness. Far from an afterthought addition, the pickles are thick house-made slices that lend a pleasant crunch and tang.

Powerhouse Veggie Burger - Burger Bar in Chicago

With a straightforward name like Burger Bar, you know what you're getting at this rustic gastropub-style spot in the South Loop — and you expect burger supremacy. Fortunately, Burger Bar delivers the goods and earns its moniker, not only with its 100% USDA Prime beef patties but with its meat-free menu options as well.

For its Powerhouse Veggie Burger, the restaurant eschews typical binders like rice in favor of a flavorful medley that includes grilled cremini mushrooms, nutty brown rice, and garbanzo beans. The garbanzos, in particular, create a crispy crunch for the burgers when grilled, according to chef Martin Murch. Peppers are added right into the patty for a punch of mild spice and sweetness, and the burgers are then stacked with baby arugula, avocado, and goat cheese for some creamy sweetness, fresh tomato, and chipotle aïoli on a whole-wheat bun. With each layer and element thoughtfully selected and integrated, the result is a perfectly crafted veggie burger that's as big on flavor as its beefy counterparts.

B9 - Beaut Burger in Tucson, Arizona

In a city known for Sonoran hot dogs, one fast-casual joint in Tucson zigs against the bacon-wrapped zag. And what Beaut Burger lacks in beef (or any other animal protein for that matter) it more than makes up for with inventive, unexpected layers of eclectic vegetarian flavor.

The casual counter-service operation, nestled in a funky shipping container park on the city's west side called the MSA Annex (there's a newer location in Phoenix now as well), is so crafty and inventive with its internationally inspired accouterments that you won't miss the meat at all. Every burger patty is handmade from scratch, using different combinations of vegetables, beans, millet, and spices, and served on your choice of either a split-top potato bun, house-made slow-fermented English muffin, or a gluten-free millet and chia bun. From there, optional burgers run the gamut from the classic (ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onion, and pickle) to the decidedly not classic (peanut butter, tamarind chutney, and romaine). A real winner, though, is the B9, which tops the patty with a thick slab of roasted eggplant, salty pepita pesto, and house-made mozzarella.

No. 2 Housemade Vegan Burger - Farm Burger in Atlanta

With locations throughout Atlanta, as well as a few elsewhere in Georgia and other Southern states, Farm Burger has made a reputable name for itself with its wholesome, high-quality ingredients and commitment to scratch cooking. As the name implies, ingredients are rigorously sourced from local farms — a sentiment that holds true both with its meaty offerings and its meatless ones.

The No. 2 Housemade Vegan Burger is a prime example of that Farm Burger ethos, coupled with a hefty dose of Southern flavor. The patties are made with quinoa, black-eyed peas, kale, roasted mushrooms, and sweet potatoes, then grilled and accented with arugula, vegan mayo — made from chickpeas and sunflower oil — and tomato chow chow, a type of pickled relish used to preserve the summer bounty in Southern cooking (via Southern Living). That chow chow in particular is a nifty riff on typical tomato toppings, be it sliced tomatoes or ketchup, in that it adds a vibrant and acidic bit of Southern twang.

SOL Veggie Burger - Strings of Life in West Hollywood

A sunny all-day cafe in West Hollywood seems like the perfect breeding ground for vegan eats and killer veggie burgers, and, indeed, Strings of Life does not disappoint. The Australia-inspired cafe is a nod to the founder's hometown of Melbourne, where cafes emphasize wholesome and pure ingredients for produce-driven dishes and exceptional coffees. Served along meatier fare, including a beef burger, that ethos is on full display with its signature veggie burger.

Created by executive chef Jordan Mathurin, the SOL Veggie Burger features a house-made patty formed from chickpeas and cashews, doubling down on the nutty and toothsome texture, while imbuing a tinge of sweet and salty. The complex patties are delicious as is, but Mathurin gilds them with gooey Swiss cheese, fresh avocado, alfalfa sprouts, a tangy-sweet tomato-onion relish, and their signature aïoli-like SOL sauce for a vegetal, better-for-you spin on an Americana mainstay.

Veggie Burger - Love Life Cafe in Miami, Florida

Inspired by a love for animals, a love for nature, and a love for life, husband-wife team Veronica Menin and Diego Tosoni founded Love Life Cafe, a casually chic cafe in the hip Wynwood neighborhood, filled with art, plants, and plant-based food. The bill of fare? Classic and familiar American comfort food, albeit gussied up and made entirely from meatless ingredients, including a standout veggie burger where you can practically taste the love.

Along with other go-to comfort riffs, like pizza and tacos, the veggie burger is a house-made superfood patty comprised of black beans, sweet potato, chickpeas, beets, and oats, which is cooked on the grill and heaped with fresh guacamole, pickles, plant-based cheddar cheese, marinated kale, and cilantro aïoli, served with a side of sweet potato herb fries. Piled on a fluffy bun, the burger is as colorful as it is flavorful — a veritable symphony of sweet, savory, meaty, and herbaceous.

Veggie Burger - Hugh Baby's BBQ & Burger Shop in Nashville

Smash burgers are all the rage right now — even if they're made without meat. Such is the case at Hugh Baby's BBQ & Burger Shop, a Nashville restaurant that, at least by name alone, sounds more like a carnivorous paradise than a destination for veggie smash burgers, but this cute and homey counter-service joint is full of flavorful surprises.

The vision of founder Pat Martin, Hugh Baby's veggie burger was the result of considerable research and development to ensure a product that was as tasty and tempting as it was original. With the goal to achieve a texture akin to a beef burger, while avoiding the stereotypically pasty consistency of lackluster veggie burgers of yore, the restaurant incorporates crushed cashews for contrast and crunch, and smoked mushrooms and black beans for some of that savory meatiness you'd get in a beef burger. Opting for a smash burger size and shape, each patty is between ¼-inch to ½-inch thick, cooked to order on a flattop grill over medium heat for a quick couple of minutes. They're then built like the signature beef burger, with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, pickle, and Comeback Sauce (a creamy Southern-style condiment made from mayo, ketchup, and chili) on a toasted potato bun. The end result? A smash burger that oozes nostalgia and smoky flavor, without any of the meat.