The Flavorful Additions To Sweeten Iced Tea Without Plain Sugar

Everyone knows summer is iced tea season, and when the warm weather hits, it's one of the first beverages we start craving. Whether you prefer your iced tea with a nearly-overpowering sweetness, a fruity or herbal infusion, or with a little bit of booze in it, chances are you like to sweeten up your iced tea, even just a little bit. However, sometimes when you're needing a little bit of sweetness in your otherwise bitter beverage, you might not want to add just plain white sugar. Whether you're trying to kick your sugar-consumption habits or you're thirsty for a little bit of a flavor boost, we instead recommend stocking your fridge full of fruit juice this summer season. 

While white sugar, Splenda, or Sweet'N Low can do the trick, those looking for the ultimate flavor infusion will really want to test out adding either homemade or bottled fruit juice to your iced teas this year. Whether your go-to juice is freshly-made lemonade, organic cranberry juice, or hand-squeezed orange juice, there are endless ways to elevate your otherwise average iced tea.

This is no regular Arnold Palmer

We know what you're thinking: "Didn't you just describe an Arnold Palmer?" While you can definitely make this classic drink by mixing equal parts iced tea and lemonade, there are many more ways you can opt to spice up your tangy tea.

If you're looking to branch out from the lemonade route, we suggest opting for mango or pineapple juice for a tropical blend, pomegranate or raspberry juice for a delicious taste and a bit of color, or peach juice for a true Southern flair. You can also add some mint leaves or rosemary sprigs to round out your iced tea's flavor and elevate it even further.

You can also play around with the amounts of juice you add to your drink. You can go for a half-and-half ratio, but if you're looking for a hint of flavor, feel free to add a splash or two.

You can get even more creative by mixing in a pre-blended drink. Have a half-full bottle of raspberry limeade hanging out in your fridge or always walking by a fruit punch drink mix that's calling your name in the grocery store? Give these drinks new lives by pouring some into your iced tea. If you're really feeling creative, you can also spike it to create your own signature cocktail. However you choose to drink your iced tea this summer, we hope you try this top tip out.