The Unexpected Ingredient For Thicker Guacamole

With their rich and creamy foundation, avocados are embellished with the tang of lime juice, the crunch of onions, and juicy chunks of tomatoes in a classic recipe for guacamole. But there's always room for improvement to this dish and you can enhance guacamole's thickness and flavor with the addition of yogurt, specifically yogurt cheese and sour cream.

Yogurt cheese is plain yogurt or Greek yogurt that has undergone an extra filtration process. Avocados are creamy on their own, but the addition of lime juice and tomatoes thins it out considerably. Meanwhile, yogurt, as well as sour cream, is among the creamiest dairy products, so putting them together will bulk up your guacamole without detracting from its zesty flavor.

Not only do yogurt cheese and sour cream add tanginess and offer a more velvety texture, but they'll also increase the volume of your guacamole. In addition, sour cream will keep your guacamole from browning if you layer it on top.

How to add yogurt to guacamole

Yogurt cheese is made by straining yogurt through a cloth filter to remove as much liquid as possible: Use Greek yogurt or plain yogurt to make yogurt cheese by filtering it through a cheesecloth-lined metal strainer into a bowl. Filtration is a process that takes at least eight hours, so you can place it in the fridge the night before you make guacamole. Once the yogurt cheese is ready, you'll add half a cup each of yogurt cheese and sour cream to a six-serving bowl of guacamole with three avocados.

The key is to fold the yogurt and sour cream into the guacamole layer by layer. Folding is a common technique in baking and cooking that creates a creamy, fluffy texture without weighing down a dip or batter. While this secret ingredient mixture may require more time and finesse, it will take ordinary guacamole to extraordinary heights.