One Ingredient Will Take Homemade Hummus To A New Dimension

Hummus is a longstanding global sensation and one of the best examples of fusion cuisine. Countless variations on the original recipe suit international and seasonal tastes, some with black bean or zucchini and others with roasted red peppers and olives. But if you're willing to venture further into the realm of hummus varieties, cranberries are one game-changing ingredient that will excite adventurous eaters and health enthusiasts alike.

Sugary and tart cranberries in hummus offer a perfect pairing to rich and savory ingredients like chickpeas and tahini and a sophisticated flavor profile similar to other known Middle Eastern pairings like drizzling tahini and pomegranate molasses over vegetables. In addition to enhancing the flavor profile, cranberries change the color of hummus from beige to deep crimson, adding vibrance and elegance to the spread.

Cranberries also enhance hummus' nutritional value by adding antioxidants like vitamin C and beta carotene to an already nourishing profile of omega-3's, fiber, and protein.

How to incorporate cranberries into hummus

Hummus recipes are easy to make, requiring you to simply throw all ingredients into a food processor or blender and cranberries are another ingredient that gets thrown into the mix. To incorporate cranberries into hummus, add one-fourth cup of dried cranberries to a classic hummus recipe and blend until smooth. You can garnish with extra dried cranberries for texture contrast and presentation.

If you want to use fresh or frozen cranberries instead of dried cranberries, you'll need to adjust the measurement of cranberries to one-half a cup of fresh or frozen cranberries. You'll also need to add sugar because dried fruit is much sweeter than fresh fruit due to its liquid content. Furthermore, the liquid content in cranberries will result in a thinner, looser consistency in your hummus. To maintain the desired consistency, you can leave out the added water most hummus recipes recommend for thinning the dip.