Grubhub And JOCO Open Pitstop For Delivery Workers In NYC

Grubhub delivery workers in New York City just got a new place to recharge, thanks to a partnership between the famed delivery service and JOCO, an e-bike rental service (via a press release). The goal of this collaboration is twofold — to improve rider safety and to support delivery employees. Not only can e-bike delivery workers charge their JOCO bikes at this new hub, they can use the site's many amenities, such as phone charging stations, restrooms, and complimentary delivery gear. 

This first pitstop location, called JOCO Concierge Sponsored by Grubhub, is centrally located in New York's Soho neighborhood. The hub will open to delivery riders from noon until 8 p.m. daily, and they can even swap out a battery or rent a new bike there. And this is only a glimpse of what is to come, according to Amy Perlik Healy, the company's vice president of government relations. "This is an evolving effort for us, and Grubhub is continually working with important partners like JOCO as well as city leaders to explore new ways to support delivery workers and communities across New York City."

Delivery workers get a break

The agreement between Grubhub and JOCO will expand to allow delivery workers to use 55 JOCO hubs in Manhattan and Queens along with other locations in the future. To encourage e-bike usage among the company, Grubhub will be offering its top riders monthly credits to use JOCO e-bikes for free. Considering that buying an electric bike can cost around $2,000 on average, renting may be a better option for many of the 60,000 delivery workers in NYC. By teaming up with JOCO, Grubhub has helped its employees access safe e-bikes in a more affordable way.

Back in April, the company also announced that at least 500 delivery partners would receive free access to JOCO e-bikes as part of its E-Bike Lifecycle safety program. Grubhub also donated $100,000 to the FDNY to fund e-bike safety and fire prevention programs in light of faulty lithium-ion batteries that caused dozens of fires.