Amazon Has Partnered With Grubhub For A Major Food Delivery Deal

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Food delivery services like Instacart, Gorillas, and Door Dash have become household names in recent years. Maybe you already have a couple online grocery shopping apps downloaded on your smartphone. According to Reuters, the grocery delivery market has been losing traction as global lockdowns lessen and the cost of living continues to rise. Instead, many of today's consumers have been opting to do their grocery shopping in-store. In fact, from October 2021 to May 2022, online grocery sales dropped by 7%-11%, via the Morning Consult.

Amazon –- the largest retailer in the world (per Forbes) –- is rolling out a new perk for Prime members, and it has nothing to do with the package you just ordered; it's all about the meal you eat while you wait for it to arrive. Starting on 6, U.S. Amazon Prime members will be given a free one-year subscription to food delivery service Grubhub+, reports Business Wire. The perk? $0 delivery fees on orders over $12, per the news outlet, eligible in restaurants in over 4,000 cities nationwide. Without Prime, a Grubhub+ membership is valued at $9.99 per month, and comes with kickbacks like user rewards, order discounts, and even free food. Hope you're hungry. 

Deals and meals

This collaboration comes just in time for Amazon Prime Day. (This year, it falls on July 12-13.) Prime Day is an annual online shopping event exclusively accessible to Prime members. The holiday offers famously extreme deals — like 20% off Apple AirPods Pro and nearly $500 off LG smart 4K televisions this year, via CBS. But make no mistake. The exchange is mutually beneficial. On Prime Day 2021, shoppers spread across 20 countries purchased over 250 million products for a whopping total of $11.19 billion in sales, per Influencer Marketing Hub.

This Grubhub+ deal isn't the first time Amazon has partnered up with other popular services. As part of Prime Day 2021, Amazon offered Prime members three free months of Disney+ streaming with the purchase of an Amazon Fire tech product, like its Fire Stick or Tablet, per USA Today. This collaboration isn't the first time the online retail giant has dabbled in the grocery world, either. Last year, the company launched Amazon Fresh, a grocery pickup and delivery service including everything from meat and produce to pre-cooked meals, via Business Insider. Since then, Amazon Fresh has expanded to a chain of physical grocery stores with locations across the U.S., accessible to Prime and non-Prime members alike. Now, whether you prefer to do your grocery shopping in-store or online, Amazon has an option to suit your taste. Prime members can even mull it over while they wait for their Grubhub+ meal to arrive.