The Unexpected Ingredient To Give Your Pizza Some Crunch

When it comes to toppings on a pizza, you have your classics — pepperoni, mozzarella, basil, etc. You also have your more controversial options (pineapple). But really, the beauty of a pizza is that you can put anything on it that will satisfy your flavor cravings. So, when it comes to choosing what to put on your pie, the sky is the limit.

To elevate your pizza texture to the next level and get some extra crunch, add some sliced almonds to your pizza before putting it in the oven. The heat from baking will make them nice and toasty, and give your pizza a slightly sweet nuttiness, bringing out similar flavors in the crust. Don't have almonds but still want to try something similar? No problem, experiment with other nuts and see what works for you. Chopped walnuts, pecans, or hazelnuts can also taste good on pizza, depending on the rest of your flavor selections. 

How to use almonds to elevate your pizza

To use almonds on your pizza, pick other toppings that could complement a nutty flavor. Standbys like tomato sauce, pepperoni, or heavy cheeses likely won't work. Go for lighter ingredients like goat cheese or ricotta, greens, or roasted fruits and vegetables. For the base, some kind of light sauce or topping works well, like an oil-based mixture, balsamic reduction, or hot honey. 

Depending on what kind of recipe you are using, cook time for your pizza dough may vary. In general, it's okay to add almonds to your pizza when you add the other ingredients. Sprinkle them on top and they will add a nice aesthetic to your finished pizza. Just keep an eye on the almonds to make sure they do not become overdone — 10 to 15 minutes should do the trick. You want them to be toasted and crunchy, but you do not want them to become burnt and bitter.