The Stainless Steel Pan David Chang Can't Get Enough Of

David Chang is known for his no-frills approach to outfitting his kitchen with the right gear and gadgets. He believes every kitchen needs a cast iron skillet and if you are looking for a cheap kitchen tool you will use all the time, he says to buy a paring knife for no more than $5 or $6. However, when it comes to the stainless steel pan to cook up your favorite scrambled eggs or to sauté some veggies to go along with dinner, Chang says you want to invest in an American brand that does stainless steel right: All-Clad.

In a GQ interview, the Momofuku founder shares that he believes All-Clad is one of "the very few things America produces that is best-in-class." Furthermore, Chang calls this brand of stainless steel pans a "workhorse" that is "fantastic" without a lot of TLC. In fact, he notes that you just need to clean it and an All-Clad pan will last you a lifetime.

What makes All-Clad pans so good

All-Clad cookware was born in Pennsylvania — the birthplace of American steel — which plays a crucial role in how they are crafted. These pots and pans are bonded, which means they are constructed of layers of stainless steel that are bonded with aluminum.  This method creates a pan with a heavier bottom that cooks foods more evenly, meaning you are less likely to find a spot on your pan that heats and cooks food quicker than any other spot. One of the big advantages of cooking with a stainless steel pan is that it can withstand higher heat which means they are great for searing steaks, chicken, and pork before cooking them in the oven. 

These pots and pans are also durable and you don't have to worry about dings or warping. However, they also do better if you keep them out of the dishwasher and handwash them with soap and water and a nylon sponge for those easy clean-ups. Of course, when the fruits of your cooking labor leave stuck-on, burnt-on messes, it's recommended you turn to a cleaner like Bar Keeper's Friend or Bon Ami, both of which are nonabrasive and non-chlorine-based cleansers.